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June Pelo
14-04-05, 22:01
I have another request for help from Finland:

Wilhelmina Karlsdotter Hästö, b. 19 Aug 1873, Kronoby, and Johannes Johansson Lindbäck, b. 16 Sep 1860, Kronoby, emigrated to America. Sailed on SS Alaska from Liverpool to New York 1892 - destination St. Paul, MN. If anyone can find further information about these people and their children, it will be appreciated.



Karen Norwillo
15-04-05, 16:41
June, Clarify, please. Is this a married couple or two separate households? Karen

June Pelo
15-04-05, 17:02

I just learned that the couple married before leaving Finland, and used the name Lindback in the US.


15-04-05, 18:47
Hi June,
I did some initial searching in the census records last night but didn't find them. Before I could do more in-depth searching, my internet connection died. Since we moved, I haven't been able to maintain consistent internet access and have had to borrow my wife's laptop (when it's available). I'll try again later for you. :(

Hasse Andtbacka
15-04-05, 21:46
Hello June,

Vilhelmina is my second cousin 3 times removed, Johannes is my third cousin 3 times removed :D

Hasse A

16-04-05, 00:13
Swenson has film for 9 lutheran churches in St Paul and if the ppl went to Minneapolis, then much much more. None of the St Paul churches were listed as Swede-Finn and I did not look at Mpls.

I also checked the 1920 census but did not find him in Minnesota. At least not by spelling of Lindback or Lindbeck.

EDIT: ah, I was looking for somebody aged 65-66 when I should have been looking for 59-60. Hmm

I think this calls for the magic of Jeanette and Kevin!


June Pelo
16-04-05, 01:46

Do you know Gertrude Glad? Wilhelmina was her grandfather's sister. Do you know Tore Vigård - somewhere in Finland? He's Gertrude's cousin and he's searching for info. on the family of Johan & Wilhelmina Lindback. I'll tell "Yatrud" about you when I write to her. :)


16-04-05, 03:59
This looks promising though some of the details don't quite match. They're both Swedish speaking Finns. I'll attach it so you can see yourself.

16-04-05, 04:06
Not sure what to make of the previous one now that I found this one in 1910. This one looks like the right family....living in the same place as the one from 1920. Maybe remarried if she died???

1893 is listed as the immigration year for both.

16-04-05, 04:11
No image attached but the John and Anna from 1910 I found in 1930. Some of the data seems to match but other data differs. They're two younger sons, Felix and Fingal are still living at home.
They were still in Ely, (my mother's birthplace:) )

Kaj Granlund
16-04-05, 12:12
Maybe the boys are Hannas children from a first marriage of hers???

Karen Norwillo
16-04-05, 19:35
June, Did some searching on the 1920 census through the childrens names and found them, still in Ely, St. Louis, MN, but now Wilhelmina is remarried. So it would appear John died between 1910-1920.
Gustafson, Victor, head, age 61, married, from Sweden, contractor, house moving
Wilhelmina, wife, 46, Finland
Lindbeck, Birger, step-son, age 18, MN, ironminer
Lindbeck, Harold, step-son, age 15, MN
Lindbeck, Aurora, daughter, age 13, MN
Lindbeck, Signora, daughter, age 10, MN
This matches the 1910 census. I looked at that 1920 of John and Hannah, but didn't think it was a match.
I also found on the MN Death Index an Elvira Wilhelmina Lindbeck who died 10 Mar 1921 in St. Louis County, MN

June Pelo
16-04-05, 22:56
Many thanks to the 3 Ks: Kaj, Karen and Kevin. I'm sure the information will be welcomed by Tore.


Karen Norwillo
16-04-05, 23:13
June, Found some more info on the children on the 1930 census.In Ely, MN. are Lindbeck, Birger, age 28, married at 23, born MN, a timekeeper iron mine. Wife, Martha, age 25, married at 20, born Finland.
In Eveleth, St Louis, MN. is Lindbeck, Aurora, age 22, single, born MN, teacher, rooms with two other female teachers.
In Duluth, St Louis, MN is Lindbeck, Harold, age 24, married at 22, born MN, cook, restaurant. Wife, Elsie, age 21, born WI. Son, Harold J., age 4/12, born MN.
In Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN is Lindbeck, Signora, servant, age 21, single, born MN, nursemaid, private family. Index says Sigvard, but the image clearly says Signora.
I found this in the MN Death Index, but I'm not sure this is Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina Hulta Gustafson, born 10/10/1868 died 2/14/1960 in St Louis Cty, MN, mothers maiden name Jarviuloma. Thought maybe the Hulta was a misspelling of Hästö.

June Pelo
17-04-05, 02:00

Tusen Tack for the additional information - it's like frosting on a cake.

Tore said that Wilhelmina Karlsdotter Hästö was born 19 Aug 1873, Kronoby - her mother's name was Brita Mattsdotter, so I don't think the person in the death index is the same person. Thanks for checking.