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15-04-05, 03:40
My father came to America when he was 14 from Lapptrask, near Norby. In the 1930's he went to visit a relative from Finland living in upstate New York named Elmer Hendrickson. He met and fell in love with Elmer's daughter Lena Jane and they were married [second cousins I assume] They lived is Scarsdale NY then moved to Darien CT where dad worked as a gardener until 1983. They had 3 sons who all live in Colorado now. I and my brother Roger live in Durango, Robert in Parker. I was a trumpet player into college so I did get some music in my genes. The rancher behind my house is of finnish descent. My younger daughter [trumpet player] had a friend from school 10 years ago--a finn [Timo Lahderkorpi] We have been friends since. When he lived near me we used to have monthly sauna sessions at a nearby pond. Manys the time we had to cut a hole for a swim after roasting at 120 deg C.

William Dahlin
15-01-06, 20:43
1930 Census Oneida Westmoreland New York

Elmer Henrickson
age 43 b. Finland
Amanda Wife age 46 b/ Finland
Lucy dau age 18 b/ New York
Ellen C dau age 16 b. New York
L. Jane dau age 15 b. New York

Arthur Sibelius
b. 2 May 1906
D. Apr 1983
Darien, Conn

Could not come up with any census records on him.

The L. Jane could be the girl he fell in love with.

20-04-06, 04:52
Thanks for that census report. L jane Hendrickson was my mother. She died 3 years ago in Denver CO.