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LoriAnn Pawlik
15-04-05, 23:14
Hi everyone,
Anna Elina was born 1878-07-31, Lepplax Pedersöre. I'm looking for her parents. She married Matts Vilhelm Nilsson/ Nelson and the family lived near Olympia, Washington. I do have the children's names, but I am curious as to who these particular children married & what became of them:
Irene, b. ~1904
Ellen, b. ~1908
Edna, b. ~1910
Thomas W., b.~1913 (believe he died Aug. 1996)
Andrew E., b. ~1915

I have the census info of 1900-1930, but I'm trying to figure out how to decipher more current info. We are distantly related.
Thanks for any tips,
Lori Pawlik

16-04-05, 00:44

This is a nice one for the state that Jeanette told me about.

And this from gen in Finland. when you get there, to go United States and then click indexes

She probably has more places for you to check into.


LoriAnn Pawlik
16-04-05, 21:21
Thanks, Chuck. I had not seen the Washington site before (why don't all states do that?!) and it is a goldmine - lots of good info there & I have more trails to follow with also some concrete answers!
Have a great day,
Lori :)

19-04-05, 21:35
Swenson pnw4 and pnw3 yielded nothing for you. I looked at members indexes - other indexes such as baptismal and marriage began at 1922 which seemed out of the timeframe.
Closest name I could come up with was a confirmand of 1924 named Elin Linnea Nelson but because the other kids of the family were not listed, I believe this is not your Ellen born 1908.
But not finding anybody is the usual because only about 35% of immigrants joined a church.

Glad those WA sites are maybe going to be useful.


25-04-05, 04:16
Hi Lori,

Have you tried the Social Security Death Index

or the California Death Index
this site often lists both parents surname.

You can also try the Obituary Daily Times
this lists the maiden name or middle name if mentioned in the obituary so its possible to search not knowing the married name.