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16-04-05, 01:14
My grandmothers sister Edna (Edla) Sofia Johan-Eriksdr, b. 17. June 1885 in Oxkangar Finland. Emigrated to USA in 1906 and married there Ben Anderson. Their last know address was Odanah, WI
USA. She died appr 1960ies. Edna and Ben had at least children Violet (b. 1910-20), Verner (b. 1920-30) and Nellie (a few years younger than Verner).

Does anybody have any information about these?

BR Arne

16-04-05, 03:52
Hi Arne,
Looks like this might be the family. The parent's names match but the children aren't the ones listed. Ben immigrated in 1907 and born Sweden. Edla immigration year is "Un(known)". She was born in Finland.

This was in LaPointe Indian Reservation. I didn't notice initially but the enumerator wrote down Odanah but then scratched it off.

18-04-05, 18:59
Thanks Kevin for your help. My father cousin recognized the name Evelyn and a christmas card to my grandmam is signed sister Edna & Ben Anderson. My idea about their children was apparently wrong.

Is it possible to find anything about Erik Mattsson Haglund b. Sept 28. 1870, married to Anna Lisa Johan-Eriksdr Sigfrids b. Feb 2. 1876, both from Finland. There adress was Iron Mountain, MI USA, Dickinson county. They had at least a son and and a daughter.

BR Arne

18-04-05, 19:40
While I did not find your ppl, you might have better luck because you will recognize names and facts which might not have occurred to me:

Go to delphi article collection at the top of the page. write the term granskare into the search box and then scroll down until you reach Dickinson County - this is where Iron Mountain is located.

Good luck!

19-04-05, 05:26
Hi Arne,
These are the Haglunds from Dickinson County, MI in 1930:
Margaret Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1918 Massachusetts Niece
Jonas Haglund Morie Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1871 Sweden Head
Morie Haglund Jonas Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1865 Wife
John Haglund Jonas Haglund,
Morie Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1897 Son
Richard Haglund Jonas Haglund,
Morie Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1899 Son
Daniel Haglund Jonas Haglund,
Morie Haglund Norway, Dickinson, MI abt 1905 Son

(btw, Norway is the Township, not the Country) :)

19-04-05, 05:32
These don't appear to be correct either but I'll list them. I also tried searching Mattson in 1910, 1920 and 1930 and nothing seemed to match.

Haglund, James Norway, Dickinson, Michigan abt 1870 Sweden White
Haglund, John Norway, Dickinson, Michigan abt 1858 Sweden White

19-04-05, 05:34
and just to be complete....

John G Haglund 3-WD NORWAY, Dickinson, MI abt 1857 White Male
S Haglund 2-WD NORWAY, Dickinson, MI abt 1875 White Male

19-04-05, 21:30
Subject line tells all.
I looked in both membership indexes, baptismal records from 1895, marriage records from 1895 and funeral records and nothing found for your Haglund ppl.