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Kaj Granlund
16-04-05, 21:49
Any census information about Victor Sigfrid Rosenback born 2 Sept 1893 and his wife Edit born Holm 22 Oct 1987 living in Fitchburg MA, (Goddard?). He immigrated from Finland obviously 1917 and she probably in 1916 Maybe from Finland.

Karen Norwillo
16-04-05, 23:47
Kaj, Found Victor on the 1920 census in Fitchburg, Worcester, Mass. on Goddard St, roomer in the home of John J Johnson and wife Alvina. He is 27, single, to US in 1915, alien, born Finland, speaks Swedish, pianomaker, piano shop.
1930 census, Fitchburg, Mass., again on Goddard St
Rosenback, Victor, head, owns home, paid 7,000, has radio, 36, married at 31, born Finland, to US 1916, gun assembler, Arms&Cycle wk? a few people on this sheet work here, not sure if this is the name of the place, hard to read.
Rosenback, Edith, wife, age 32, married at 26, born Mass, father Sweden, mother Finland.
Rosenback, Richard, son, age 5, born Mass.
The John and Alvina Johnson family live next door.

Karen Norwillo
17-04-05, 00:06
Kaj, Found Victor's arrival at Ellis Island on 27 Nov 1916 on the SS Frederik VII from Christiana, Norway. He is 23, single, from Wasa, Finland, laborer, heading to Proctor, VT, mother Anna Rosenback. There was a group of 5 from Wasa and some were going to Fitchburg, Mass. Maybe he changed his destination and went with them.

17-04-05, 02:37
Although I've given this Lappfjärd people info to Kaj already, just thought everybody would be interested in knowing that when Victor and Edith had their son Richard Victor baptized on September 27th, 1925, their friends John A. Johnson and his wife Alvina were sponsors at the baptismal ceremony.

The church membership list shows Victor arriving in America Dec 2, 1916

One more thing, they are at number 33 Goddard Street. And now I just notice is that John A. Johnson and his wife Alvina have the same address. It must have been a big house because the Johnson's had 3 children listed. Alvina is listed only as from Finland and her husband a place in Sweden which name I cannot decipher at the moment of this writing.
So if Kaj wants more particulars on the Johnson's, I can scan that portion as well.
This reminds me of the scan I put up for Hugo Sjöberg - the guy who wanted him found his sister Edith a few lines earlier:)

17-04-05, 03:01
I thought, why wait for Kaj to inquire so I just made a scan.
In going thru some of the other fotocopies, I found the name Rosenback as a partial bit of info so included that. Oh, duh, now it hits me. This is also Edith's family in America! The Edith listed with Victor is the same Edith Sofia because they have the same birthdate. So now we have mother's name, Ida Holm Larson and father Martin Larson (Månson) of Sweden and mother from what appears to be Mostasari (Mustasaari).
A tid bit here in that the bottom listing for Victor and Edith shows them living at 23 Norwood,this is their first listing because it comes earlier in the membership book than that of the topmost listing with the Johnsons below them.
Also this shows Wictor arriving from Finland 29 Nov 1916 and at the church July 4, 1917. Interesting, eh?

Fun when you stumble over stuff as on a rug in the middle of the floor and your nose rests upon the new data:)
Edit: yep, stumbled again because I see two more Finnish boys at 33 Goddard, Leonard Lillkull of Lappfjärd and a boy named Edwin Storm - I suppose that is also a boarding house.
Chuck aka great detective:rolleyes: Those boys aren't pictured in the extra wide image so maybe it can be somehow pared down?

Kaj Granlund
17-04-05, 07:38
That was interesting: Leonard Lillkull was involved in some way in the big eBay material that was on sale last year. And I’m not surprised they lived in Norwood some time as his neighbour from Finland was living there. He obviously intended to go to Proctor as that was the place where his father had worked for half a year until he died. And the connection of Edith to both Sweden, Frölunda and Finland for Edith doesn’t surprise me either as my father always says she was from Finland and my uncle she was from Sweden.

Karen Norwillo
17-04-05, 17:57
Looking at the ships manifest closer, these are the people listed from Wasa that were on the same sailing as Victor Rosenback. I noticed that Victor is listed as going to a friend Frank Lillkul, Box 35 Proctor, VT. Others listed are Askel Ulfors? sp, age 18, going to friend K W Carlson in Fitchburg, Sebin Gulhnes? sp. age 20, Mikko Talso or Falso, age 26, Matilla Ylis, age 24 and Arthur Johnson, age 26.
I also found on a Fitchburg website, the name of the place where Victor worked was Iver Johnson's Arms &Cycle Works. Just a bit of trivia.

Kaj Granlund
17-04-05, 22:38
Don’t know if the story is of interest to others. As I showed my father this information he could make the connections. Victor Rosenback and other young boys from his town in Finland were afraid they would have to join the WWI on the Russian side so they escaped. There was a fisherman outside Kristinestad that illegally took boys that wanted to escape by boat to Sweden. This way to escape was called “Riipeli-linjen” (Riipeli line). The name came from a horse called “Riipeli” in one of the towns that never could be kept within the enclosed pasture, always jumping over the fences. Near the Swedish shore the engine stopped in a heavy storm. The small boat was filled with water and the boys were to row and empty the boat all the time. At last Victor was the only one who had strength left to empty the boat. The others had already given up the hope as they at last stranded at some small island where the coast guards of Sweden at last found them and help them to go further. Most of the men suffered from what had happened all their life. According to my father Leonard Lillkull, who shared the same address in Fitchburg, was one of them and he returned after working in Fitchburg for some time to Finland as he was suffering mental instability as a result of that storm. They always said that if Victor hadn’t been in the boat they probably had disappeared in that storm.