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18-04-05, 21:02

I'd like to have information (spouse, children) on Leander Edvard SANDELIN (SELIN) b.1882, Terjärv. He went to the US in April 1900.


18-04-05, 21:38
If you know the town and state, that would be very useful here.


18-04-05, 22:38
Could be Michigan or neighbouring states.


June Pelo
19-04-05, 02:07

I have a Hilda Lovisa Leandersdotter Sandelin, b. 1885 in Terjärv, and died 1964 in the Bronx, NY. The data came from someone named Stein.

I also have some Selin names, several in Oregon.


19-04-05, 05:08
Hi Tommy,
Here's a list of Sandelin people born in Finland that appear in the 1920 Census index:

Sandelin, Alfred Oakland, Alameda, California abt 1870 Finland White
Sandelin, Frank Ukiah, Mendocino, California abt 1867 Finland White
Sandelin, Henry Baraga, Baraga, Michigan abt 1863 Finland White
Sandelin, Abram Calumet, Houghton, Michigan abt 1863 Finland White
Sandelin, Kator Osceola, Houghton, Michigan abt 1877 Finland White
Sandelin, Charles Marquette, Marquette, Michigan abt 1869 Finland White
Sandelin, Otto Split Rock, Carlton, Minnesota abt 1861 Finland White
Sandelin, Otto W Split Rock, Carlton, Minnesota abt 1896 Finland White
Sandelin, John Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota abt 1863 Finland White
Sandelin, William E Havillah, Okanogan, Washington abt 1860 Finland White

19-04-05, 05:09
and here are the Selins. None of these seem to be a match.

Selin, Selma Berkeley, Alameda, California abt 1894 Finland White
Selin, John Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts abt 1899 Finland White
Selin, Richard Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts abt 1889 Finland White
Selin, Nestor Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan abt 1885 Finland White
Selin, Paul Highland Park, Wayne, Michigan abt 1881 Finland White
Selin, Carl Two Harbors, Lake, Minnesota abt 1878 Finland White
Selin, Frank Deer Creek, Otter Tail, Minnesota abt 1894 Finland White
Selin, John A Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon abt 1871 Finland White
Selin, Charles J Central Marshfield, Coos, Oregon abt 1871 Finland White
Selin, Lauri Precinct 34, Yamhill, Oregon abt 1878 Finland White
Selin, Rudolph Falls Church, Fairfax, Virginia abt 1877 Finland White
Selin, John Seattle, King, Washington abt 1865 Finland White
Selin, John Seattle, King, Washington abt 1889 Finland White
Selin, John E Oma, Iron, Wisconsin abt 1889 Finland White
Selin, William Knox, Price, Wisconsin abt 1884 Finland White

19-04-05, 05:10
Same here....

Clarence Sandelin SHASTA, Shasta, CA abt 1882 Illinois White Male
Emil A Sandelin 35-WD CHICAGO, Cook, IL abt 1881 White Male
Frederick Sandelin 4-WD STOCKTON, San joaquin, CA abt 1883 California White Male
Helena Sandelin SAUSALITO TWP, Marin, CA abt 1884 White Female
Herbert Sandelin MOUNTAIN PARK TWP, Kiowa, OK abt 1880 Texas White Male
Hjilmir Sandelin 6-WD FITCHBURG, Worcester, MA abt 1882 White Male
Ida Sandelin 2-WD NEW ROCHELLE, Westchester, NY abt 1880 White Female

19-04-05, 05:11
the place name after the birth year is the location. Some are blank, some list one of the States.

Emil R Selin 3-WD BROCKTON, Plymouth, MA abt 1881 White Male
Hasan Selin 9-WD ST LOUIS, St louis, MO abt 1884 White Male
Henry Selin 3-WD STILLWATER, Washington, MN abt 1883 Minnesota White Male
John Selin 2-WD DE KALB, Dekalb, IL abt 1880 White Male
John Selin HIBBING, St louis, MN abt 1884 White Male
Julia Selin 5-WD PORTLAND, Multnomah, OR abt 1883 White Female
Minnie W Selin ENSIGN TWP RANGE 82, Renville, ND abt 1884 Wisconsin White Female
Walter Selin TURIN TWP, Marquette, MI abt 1884 White Male
William J Selin 1-WD BALTIMORE, Baltimore, MD abt 1884 Maryland White Male

19-04-05, 05:12
...born in Finland.....

Alfred Sandelin Minna Sandelin Oakland, Alameda, CA abt 1870 Finland Head
Tyler W Sandelin Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA abt 1894 Finland Head
Maria C Sandelin Ukiah, Mendocino, CA abt 1867 Finland Head
Einar Sandelin Esther Sandelin Waukegan, Lake, IL abt 1889 Finland Head
Isaac Sandelin Bingham, Somerset, ME abt 1884 Finland Boarder
Henry Sandelin Hilda C Sandelin Baraga, Baraga, MI abt 1864 Finland Head
Abram Sandelin Gustava Sandelin Laurium, Houghton, MI abt 1862 Finland Head
Jonas Sandelin Mary Sandelin Osceola, Houghton, MI abt 1887 Finland Head
Charles Sandelin Hannah Sandelin Marquette, Marquette, MI abt 1869 Finland Head
Charles Sandelin Marquette, Marquette, MI abt 1870 Finland Boarder
Otto Sandelin Anoka, Anoka, MN abt 1889 Finland Inmate
Alfred W Sandelin Hilda M Sandelin Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN abt 1876 Finland Head
Arrit Sandelin Annie Sandelin Greenway, Itasca, MN abt 1898 Finland Head
Eida Sandelin Duluth, St Louis, MN abt 1905 Finland Lodger
Urko Sandelin Lydia Sandelin Duluth, St Louis, MN abt 1894 Finland Head
Samuel J Sandelin Duluth, St Louis, MN abt 1886 Finland Lodger
Johannes Sandelin Duluth, St Louis, MN abt 1883 Finland Roomer
Matt Sandelin Mary Sandelin Ashtabula, Ashtabula, OH abt 1883 Finland Head
Eria W Sandelin Havillah, Okanogan, WA abt 1861 Finland Brother
John A Sandelin Anna Sandelin Oso, Snohomish, WA abt 1888 Finland Head
John Sandelin Oso, Snohomish, WA abt 1888 Finland Boarder
Mat Sandelin Doyle, Stevens, WA abt 1881 Finland Lodger
Uva E Sandelin West Allis, Milwaukee, WI abt 1900 Finland Lodger

19-04-05, 05:13
and the Selin people born in Finland...

Julia J Selin Belvedere, Los Angeles, CA abt 1883 Finland Head
Gustaf F Selin Hannah Selin Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA abt 1881 Finland Head
Martha Selin San Francisco, San Francisco, CA abt 1890 Finland Servant
Charles Selin San Francisco, San Francisco, CA abt 1885 Finland Lodger
Nila Selin Chicago, Cook, IL abt 1909 Finland Roomer
B W Selin Ethel Selin Scandia, Republic, KS abt 1902 Finland Head
?? Joseph Selin Lowell, Middlesex, MA abt 1896 Finland Roomer
Urho Selin Hulda Selin Boston, Suffolk, MA abt 1889 Finland Head
Hjalmar Selin Helena Selin Fitchburg, Worcester, MA abt 1879 Finland Head
Walter Selin Hilma F Selin Maple Ridge, Delta, MI abt 1886 Finland Head
Olin A Selin Bessemer, Gogebic, MI abt 1888 Finland Head
John Selin Helen Selin Grand Rapids, Kent, MI abt 1895 Finland Head
Walter Selin Wilma Selin Turin, Marquette, MI abt 1887 Finland Head
Charles Selin Kena Selin Wilcox, Newaygo, MI abt 1886 Finland Head
Jack W Selin Beda J Selin Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN abt 1885 Finland Head
Frank Selin Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN abt 1876 Finland Roomer
Frank Selin Selma K Selin New York Mills, Otter Tail, MN abt 1894 Finland Head
Anna Selin Alpine, Bergen, NJ abt 1890 Finland Servant
John Selin Catherin Selin Camden, Camden, NJ abt 1872 Finland Head
Onni Selin Elizabeth Selin Manhattan, New York, NY abt 1884 Finland Head
Thyne Selin Larchmont, Westchester, NY abt 1903 Finland Servant
Charles J Selin Sophia Selin Marshfield, Coos, OR abt 1871 Finland Head
Radolph F Selin Ellin Selin Providence, Fairfax, VA abt 1877 Finland Head
John Selin Fernwood, Snohomish, WA abt 1865 Finland Head

Could he have used a patronymic instead?

19-04-05, 11:32
Hi June,
Hilda is a younger sister to Leander. To my knowledge she died in Bronx, NY 1964.
Thanks' Kevin for all the search results. I've some information that a son of Leander has the name Carl SELIN.

19-04-05, 15:53
Hi Tommy,
I'll check for Carl when I get home this evening. I'm assuming, based on the age of the parents, that Carl would have been born prior to 1930, is that correct? If so, I can check the 1930 census and maybe the 1920. If he can be found then maybe we can find his parents.

19-04-05, 18:51
Hi Kevin,
Between 1920 and 1940 should be about right.
Thanks' .

19-04-05, 21:57
177A 32 52-39 4A Selin Walter Head M W 43 Finland .
177A 33 52-39 4A Selin Wilma Wife-H F W 41 Finland .
177A 34 52-39 4A Selin Elsie Daughter F W 16 Michigan .

and from Crystal Falls church, we see:

b59mh Leander Erickson Oct 13 1905 age 23 years Finland unk S 27-3
b59mw Mrs Anna Sanna Johnson ditto age 33 years Finland unk S 27-3

OK, this is a stretch but this Leander was born in 1882 and from somewhere in Finland. He married a woman ten years his senior.

Just adding to the list of ppl who don't fit:)


Karen Norwillo
20-04-05, 00:18
I think I may have found him in the WWI Draft Cards. Edward L. Selin, 819 N. Burdich. St Kalamazoo, MI. age 36, born 18 Mar 1882, moulder in ? Iron Co. nearest relative Leander Salin, Terjärvi, Finland. I could not find him on the 1910 or 1920 census.

20-04-05, 00:35
You are the wizard now:)

Unfortunately Swenson has no Swedish lang churches for Kalamazoo so that avenue seems to be closed.


20-04-05, 08:37
Hi Karen,

You found Leander (Edvard), birth date is a match. To quote Chuck you are a wizard, thanks' a bunch.
To find spouse or children (Carl or Charles, Pat?) would be a bonus.


20-04-05, 10:03
On this site I found the year of death for Edward (Leander) i.e. 1956, Muskegon, MI http://www.co.muskegon.mi.us/clerk/websearch.cfm

20-04-05, 15:19
Even with this new info from Karen, I still can't seem to find them in the 1920 or 1930 census. Their names must be misspelled in the index. I tried searching just by a few letters of the first name only and still didn't find them. Just have to keep checking. :(

20-04-05, 16:53
Kevin I appreciate your efforts.
What about the knowledge that Edward or Leander died 1956 in Muskegon, MI ?

20-04-05, 23:31
The good news is that the funeral lists went beyond 1956 which is most unusual.

The bad news is that your Edward was not buried from that place.

So I think your next bet is to contact Muskegon County and send them the fee for the death certificate.

It was a surprise for me that he didn't appear on the social security deaths list.


Kerstin Sandelin
21-04-05, 00:13
Dear Kpaavola.
I wonder if you can check for me in the 1930´Cencus of Sandelins John Sandelin Oso Snohomish WA.
It could be a little possibility that he is my grandfather. If he was born 3 april in Tölby Vasa Finland and his second name is Edward it´s him!!
I have found him in 1920´s Cencus in White Wheatfield Indiana Penssylwaina but not in the 1930´s. So after that we have no track of him.
I am so sorry to intterupt in Leonard Sandelins page but I got so exited! I have tried to find information about grandfather now for 6 years.
If it´s not to much work for you please let me know!! Any tip is valuable!!

Kerstin Sandelin Anton, Umeå Sweden.

21-04-05, 03:21
Originally posted by anastom
What about the knowledge that Edward or Leander died 1956 in Muskegon, MI ?

Unfortunately, with the census records I'm checking, 1930 is the latest year available. The US government makes the census records available 72 yrs after the census was taken. So the 1940 census won't be available until 2012, and the 1950 census in 2022.

You might want to check the Michigan Genweb site (google for "Michigan Genweb") then check what records might be available online. You might get lucky finding something that way.

21-04-05, 03:24
Here's a John A Sandelin in Snohomish Washington along with some other relatives.

21-04-05, 03:26
From the same area, here is a John Sandelin and Anna Sandelin. John's born in Finland, Anna in Sweden. Probably not related but coincidental, I thought.

If you can provide a year of birth, I'll be happy to check. Either email me or start a new thread with the request.

21-04-05, 08:09

Thanks' again. I'll try to contact Muskegon County.
Kerstin is there a "Terjärv" connection between our Sandelins ?


21-04-05, 08:36

Was lucky to find on www.familysearch.org (International Genealogical Index - North America) Edward Selin (d.09 JAN 1956) Marriage: 26 JUN 1926 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan to Signe Elvira Peterson (b.05 MAR 1891). I'm quite sure it's my Edward.


21-04-05, 13:22
Hi Tommy,
I was quite hopeful to find Edward in the census now that you found the wife's name. Unfortunately, that's still not going to happen. :(

I searched using Sig* then Elv* and even searched those using spouse of Edw* for the entire state. No Selin. No Sandelin or anything that seemed close.

Here's one of the search results:
Signe Mack Edwin Mack Vandalia, Cass, MI abt 1904 Wife
Signe H Carlson Edwin J Carlson Escanaba, Delta, MI abt 1900 Wife
Signe Johnson Edward Johnson Gladstone, Delta, MI abt 1889 Wife
Signe Johnson Edward Johnson Crystal Falls, Iron, MI abt 1906 Wife
Signa L Anderson Edward Anderson Thompson, Schoolcraft, MI abt 1872 Wife
Signe Olson Edward Olson Dearborn, Wayne, MI abt 1884 Wife
Signa Attix Anna Gilling,
Edward A Attix Detroit, Wayne, MI abt 1895 Wife

22-04-05, 08:25

Found on www.anywho.com Karl Edward Selin, age 76, Muskegon,MI. Could be son to Edward and Signe ?


Karen Norwillo
22-04-05, 17:35
I, too, have tried every possible spelling of the names that I could think of to search. No luck so far. In the 1910 and 1920 census in Kent, Grand Rapids I did find an Anna E Peterson, but no Signe. She is listed as a servant on both, parents from Sweden. Birth date fits, but not first name.