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19-04-05, 21:15

I don´t know when they were born. I only know that my grandmother Hilja was born 1914, Tyyne 1918 and Yrjö I think was born in 1925. 1917 the family moved from Petersburg to Lappenranta and in 1925 they moved to Lahtis.

So myby if I got in contact with someone in Lappenranta or Lahtis and they can tell me were to find this informtion.

Best regards,
Anneli :)

19-04-05, 21:28
OK, that's getting us somewhere. Now we know to not look in American records for the births of these kids.
Still need the magicians here.


20-04-05, 21:24
:) Thank you for the time and if you get any information about my family. Best regards, Anneli