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21-04-05, 20:02
At WA KING SEATTLE GETHSEMANE LUTHERAN CHURCH L 1885 PNW-1, while doing an unsuccessful search for another Mattson, I found this woman:

she is listed alone.
Julia Augusta Mattson, b. 10-16-1878 at Foglö Åland Finland. She was received by the church in 1911, emigrated from Finland in 1899 and dropped Jan 1917.


Ingemar Ekman
24-04-05, 19:14
Julia Augusta Mattson was born 16 Oct 1877 in Granboda Föglö, daughter to Gustav Edvin Mattsson b 1837 in Granboda, Föglö and Anna Serafia Isaksdotter b 1840 in Överö, Föglö. Julia Augusta was my grandmother’s 4th cousin. I do not find her in the list of “Utrikes vistande personer” in Föglö from 1921, maybe she returned home again.

24-04-05, 19:40
Interesting to find a relative for somebody on sfhs:)
I notice the year of birth is off. I will look again to see if I copied it incorrectly. I have done that sort of thing before but if it is as written, a små mystery, eh?
Yes, I ought to return and check the departing members pages - perhaps her destination place will be listed.

26-04-05, 19:43
I went back to Swenson today and found Julia in the departing members list for December 13, 1916 which is a change from the membership book listing.
unfortunately she, just like the 16 others who were listed as departing, did not show any destination place. Some members departing at other times did show destination places so just a busy time for the church secretary or perhaps the information was not available.