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Belva Todd
23-04-05, 19:40
Hi Listers - can someone please help translate these two occupations found while searching Korsholm,for children of my grgrgrandfather,1834-1853 era. I can not find either in the dictionary.
2.Boställsarrend.d:r (the only part I understand is d:r)
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jaska Sarell
23-04-05, 23:30
1. Fästningsfång. (abbreviation)
2. Boställsarrend. d:r

fästning = fortress
fånge = prisoner
fångvaktare = warder
boställe = residence (here probably that of an army officer)
arrendator = tenant

:) Jaska

Belva Todd
26-04-05, 01:03
Thank you very much for reply - I am almost certain the word fånge is the correct one as I knew he had been sentenced for life but was reprieved. He was married 1831 with children born 1832 and 1834 but the next one not until 1841. Do you have any idea where one might obtain criminal records?
Thanks again, Belva

26-04-05, 07:56
Criminals who got a capital sentence during the Russian era in Finland (1809-1917) were as a rule deprieved and sent to Siberia for life. From that stems the saying "Siberia teaches" meaning that you have a hard time and learn something from it.

Also political "criminals" could be sent to Siberia but mostly for a defined time of a few years. But that was more common at the end of the 19th century.

A list of the deported prisoners and what happended to them you can find at Siberia (http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/siperia_index.htm) (in Finnish)


13-11-10, 10:18
Can someone tell me what this occupation is?
Would appreciate it.
Lämmittäjä ("värmare" / eldare)

Cheers Tracy

13-11-10, 11:11

I am a novice, but to take a stab at it, I guess it could mean the guy who keeps the heat going in the old steam trains. You know, keeps throwing coal in?


Jaska Sarell
13-11-10, 11:40
stoker (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoker_(occupation)) ?
Not Bram Stoker, though :D

:) Jaska

13-11-10, 11:57
Can't see Transylvania in this interpretation!

But: Eldare är en person som matar en ångpanna med bränsle i olika slags fordon, till exempel en ångbåt eller ett ånglok, samt reglerar vattenståndet i pannan. ...

Or: in English (Courtesy of Google Translator)

Trimmers is one who feeds a boiler fuel in various types of vehicles, such as a steamer or a steam locomotive, and regulates the water level in the boiler. ...


13-11-10, 12:05
I just noticed on my grandfathers wedding certificate that his fathers occupation was' what looks like 'Isa or Ioa Captain' I cant quite read the first word, would this be related to Lämmittäjä ("värmare" / eldare).

13-11-10, 12:50
Just a stab in the dark. But it appears that that the term "Isa" is associated (amongst other things) with ships. So maybe (just maybe) following on from my previous thread, it has something to do with a stoker on a ship (as opposed to steam trains).

Jaska Sarell
13-11-10, 15:23
looks like 'Isa or Ioa Captain'
Is it LSA (lsa) or ISA (isa)?
In the latter case it might just be isä (father). Depends on context, of course.
Otherwise cannot figure out anything sensible :confused:

:) Jaska