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Paivi T
25-04-05, 19:13
Tukala from Vihanti (province of Oulu) is my maternal grandfather's mother's family. I recently started studying this family, and found out, to my great surprise, that three out of ten siblings emigrated to the USA in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Here's what I have and who I'm looking for:

* Hilma Heikint. Tukala, born 12 Dec 1865 in Vihanti, province of Oulu, emigrated in 1890
* Jaakko Heikinp. Tukala, born 17 Jan 1777 in Vihanti, province of Oulu, emigrated in 1900
* Juho Heikinp. Tukala, born 26 Jan 1785 in Vihanti, province of Oulu

The emigration years of Hilma and Jaakko come from the Vihanti parish communion book for the period of 1891-1900. I found no details on either on the web. Jaakko can be placed in Palmer, Mich., with the help of little brother Juho's emigration records, but Hilma's life is a complete mystery.

Juho's records are online, at the Institute of Migration and at Ellis Island. He arrives onboard the S.S.Adriatic from Liverpool on 18 April, 1913. He's single, 28 years old, joiner; travelling to his "Brother Jaakko Tukala, Box 104, Palmer, Mich."

I'd like to know how to go about tracing the three siblings and their possible families and descendants in the USA.
I'd appreciate all info and tips in the search for possible distant relatives...

Päivi T

Paivi T
25-04-05, 19:17
Of course I mistyped the years of birth of Jaakko and Juho *blush*

NOT 1777 but 1877 for Jaakko, and similarly, NOT 1785 but 1885 for Juho...

Päivi T

Karen Norwillo
25-04-05, 23:23
I found Hilma Tukala, born abt 1866, age 25, arriving NY 17 Jan 1891, listed as Russia, Finland, sailed from Bremen, Germany. Destination, USA. This is from the NY Passenger Lists 1851-1891.
Emigrant Register shows Juho Tukala, 26 Jan 1885, single, Luth., Vihanti, OU, granted passport 15 Oct 1910. Strangely, he does not show up on the passenger list until the 1913 date you already have.

Paivi T
26-04-05, 10:29
Thank you, Karen!

Sounds definitely like my mother's great-aunt Hilma. Last night, I surprised mom with the information that her grandma had nine siblings, three of which emigrated. This rang a bell, and she said that she has a vague recollection of having heard her dad mention that they might have cousins in America. No names or any other details were mentioned. Mum is now quite excited (as am I), to possibly find new relatives far, far away.

Päivi T

D J Granlund
01-06-08, 01:41
I have posted inquiries for the last couple of years and thought I should get it all together. The 1910 US census lists Jacob Tukala (spelled Dukala) in Richmond twp, Marquette MI. In 1913 his brother John came to Palmer MI to his brother according to ships records. I have found many Takalas and chased their records until it is clear they are truely Takala not Tukala (WWI cards SSDI records etc.) It was suggested I request a surname search of Tukala in the death records for Marquette county MI. The clerk of court replied there was a death listed and if I wanted the record, I should request and submit payment. The record arrived for a Suti Tuhkala d 1916, mine accident. Can someone tell me if the two names are distinct in Finnish (Tukala vs Tuhkala)? There are many Tuhkala names on Hiski as well as familysearch IGI Finland and North America, SSDI, WWI draft registration etc. But no match for Jacob or John Tukala.
Thanks, David

D J Granlund
09-07-08, 16:39
I have finally found Hilma. She married Jacob Rockley. They had 2 daughters in Sand Coulee, MT. They then moved to Northport, WA and had 2 sons. Jacob died in 1920 and Hilma died in 1938. The children were Hilda, Esther, Ben (aka Jack) and Edward. Jack died in Grays Harbor, WA and Edward died in Anchorage, AK. I have not been able to find info on the sisters Mrs. Hilda Soumi of Cochran, OR nor Mrs. Esther Sauvola of Northport, WA.

D J Granlund
08-02-09, 15:51
I have some additional information in this search. Hilda Rockley Suomi died in Anchorage AK Jan 1980. Esther Rockley Sauvola remains a mystery. Jacob Tukala returned to Finland in 1914 according to the ship manifest for Lusitania of the Cunnard Lines. He arrived in Liverpool 20 Jul 1914 from New York with a through ticket to Finland. I do not have the confirmation of his arrival in Finland. His brother Juhu is still unfound.

Karen Norwillo
08-02-09, 21:14
I found another marriage for Hilda Rockley to a Frank Antilla 27 May 1918 in Ontario, Canada. Says she was born in San Coulee, MT, USA. Frank emigrated to Calumet, MI in 1915 from Alajärvi. Says father Eli Antilla. He must have died sometime before that second marriage. His WWI Draft Card says he was born 5 May 1888 in Wasa, Finland. No luck with Esther yet.

D J Granlund
08-02-09, 23:46
Thanks Karen,

Hilda divorced Frank Anttila (or left him) as she was listed as Mrs Suomi of Cochran OR in 1938 in Hilma's obituary. Frank entered the US in 1909 and listed leaviing a wife in Finland. Frank must have returned to Finland as he claimed his last permanent residence as Calumet MI when he returned to the US. He is found in Ny after his marriage to Hilda and listed as single and then in Crosby Minnesota in 1930 as a miner, a boarder and states his first marriage was at age 27 which must be the wife he left in Finland as he was 29 when he married Hilda in Kenosha.

I know Esther married Carl Sauvola but that ended in divorce after 5 years and I could not find her after the divorce.

Juho Tukala seems to have disappered after going to Palmer MI in 1913??


D J Granlund
21-02-09, 23:12
Can someone tell me were to search online for Jacobs arrival in Finland from Liverpool in July 1914?* I seem to be at a dead end.* Thanks.

22-02-09, 03:35
Not to jest too much, but his surname seems to fit with the situation.

D J Granlund
22-02-09, 17:14
I am not sure what the surname Tukala means so I do not understand the reply. Thanks.

Karen Douglas
22-02-09, 18:34

Am not sure if you have this or not, but in the SSDI there is an Edward Rockley, born 23 Nov 1900, died 04 Mar 1996 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jack Rockley, born 22 Dec 1899, died Feb. 1984 in Grays Harbor, Washington. (address: 98520 Aberdeen)


23-02-09, 00:23
I am not sure what the surname Tukala means so I do not understand the reply. Thanks.
Predicament; sticky; ticklish; awkward.

D J Granlund
23-02-09, 16:23
Thank You Karen. Yes I have the SSDI entries for the two boys and for the oldest sister. After the younger sister's divorce, I find no paper trail. I am hopeful someone will point me to documentation of Jaakko's return to Finland from Liverpool in July 1914.