View Full Version : Michigan Naturalization Records Indexes

Paivi T
28-04-05, 11:17
In my hunt for the Tukala siblings in Michigan, I came across online access to the Michigan Naturalization Records Indexes, at this address:


Goodness how many Finnish names there are, and I've only browsed one or two files so far. Alas, no luck with my mom's great-aunt and great-uncles, so all tips and advice still much appreciated!

Päivi T

Alice Finnerty
29-04-05, 06:21
HI Paivi.
I found the naturalization record of my grandparents and an aunt in our local county courthouse Wexford County (Michigan).
They are not on line and its sad. They would not make be a copy or photo copy. They would not let me take a digital picture of the papers either. So I had to hand write the inforamtion I found.
Who are you looking for and where in Michigan?

Paivi T
30-04-05, 18:38
The "wanted" message detailing the three Tukala siblings I'm looking for in Michigan is on the Relatives Search board. Or, at least two of them emigrated to Palmer, Mich. (Marquette county, isn't it?) according to a ship manifest at Ellis Island. All tips and advice on online resources etc. much appreciated, as I've no previous experience in searching for possible relatives in the US.

Päivi T