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19-09-03, 18:11
In May of this year I offered finlander subscribers a recipe for Juustua, Finnish "Squeaky Cheese." I had many requests for a copy. I thought it might be worthwhile to offer it again in this forum. My recipe came from Wayne Autio in Marquette, Michigan.

One source for Rennet Tablets is:
Some specialty groceries carry them, I'm sure.


2 gallons whole milk
1/2 rennet tablet
1 tablespoon corn starch
2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar

Heat milk to lukewarm (90 degrees) watch closely. Crush the rennet and dissolve it in a small amount of cool water. Add this and the rest of the ingredients to the milk, stirring gently. In 15 to 30 minutes the texture of the milk will change; when it reaches a texture like cottage cheese strain the curds with a metal strainer or cheesecloth. Put the strained curds into a 9x13 pan. Remove excess whey from the edges. Spread curds evenly. Sprinkle with salt and place under the broiler. Watch closely to prevent burning. Remove excess whey. Once it is nicely browned, turn it over. Salt this side and return it to the broiler for browning. Total time to make juustoa is about an hour.


June Pelo
19-09-03, 20:34
There is a Bass Lake Cheese Factory in Somerset, WI that advertizes all kinds of cheese, including "squeaky cheese." Their address:
598 Valley View Trail,
Somerset, WI 54025
Phone: 1-800-368-2437
Website: http://www.blcheese.com/blcheese/


19-09-03, 21:08
Thanks for the address, June. Joostua is readily available in the dairy department of groceries in the UP of Michigan. My cousin sent some home with us when we visited. My Oregon family was not impressed. They politely stated that, "it must be an acquired taste."

07-09-09, 06:56
I thought I'd let anyone within a days drive to a Trader Joe's know that they now sell Finnish Squeaky Cheese.

They call it "Frying Cheese"

We might know it better as Juustoleipä or Leipäjuusto.

07-09-09, 14:54
Juustoleipä can be eaten in several ways. One popular dessert is cubes of juustoleipä with cloudberry jam. Another way is to put small cubes of the cheese in a coffee mug and fill the mug with coffee. To be able to enjoy this you must indeed acquire the taste first as the cheese adds salt to the coffee.