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Karen Norwillo
30-04-05, 23:16
Wonder if someone can shed some light on a discrepancy I've found in my research. From previous research, I have the marriage of Maria to Simo or Simon Granroth as 9 Feb 1812. On HisKi, they have her name listed as Maria Michelsdtr Hari. I know the patronymic is the same (Swede-Finn), but the Hari is different. The marriage date is the same.
Maria's parents were Mikko Mikonpoika Jaakkola or Sulasalmi and Briita Ollintytär Koria. Jaakkola became Sulasalmi with a move from Kemijärvi to Kuolajärvi.
Thanks, Karen

01-05-05, 10:37
I am not familiar with the area in question, but when browsing through the Hiski records several Sulasalmi names are connected to the Hari name. Makes me wonder if the Hari farm or village was where some of the Sulasalmi people recided. As you have seen when people moved from farm to farm, either obtaining the farm, getting married to somebody on the farm or getting work as "dräng" or "piga" at the farm - they were listed under the farm in the communion book. Thus they were identified as "Maria Michelsdr. (at) Hari (farm)".

Hard to know exactly but this probably could be sorted out by tracing Maria's movements on the pages of the communion books.

Karen Norwillo
01-05-05, 16:51
Thanks Hasse, That makes perfect sense. I know people were often identified by their "farm name" Karen