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Debbie House
02-05-05, 01:11
Searching for Edla Helstein born 1886 in Finland unknow where
died in 1974 buried in Fitchburg Worcester County Mass.. I believe she came to the USA in 1905. No know family. She married John A. Johnson unknown when or where, unknow parents, John was born 1889 in Sweden , unknow where he died in 1951 buried Fitchburg.John worked for the Iver Johnson Machine company for 40 years unknow if related to family. John A. had a brother Carl of Sweden and a sister know as Mrs. Hugo Harnesk of Sweden according to his obit. They settled in Fitchburg, Worcester county, Mass. Have found family in the 1920 and 1930 census. Children born in Mass. were Edward A or U or know as Urho J. born 1909 died in Bellflower Ca , Sylvia born 1911 died 1991 married Fritz Erickson he died 1974,Veino J. born 1913 married William Peltola,Oliver P. born 1914 died 1997 maybe Kittery Maine,Reino born 1916 died 1993 married Margaret McLaughlin she died 1998, her parents John and Rita Clark McLaughlin. Any help would be appreciated on finding the parents of Edla Helstein and John A. Johnson and the siblings of John , Carl and Mrs. Hugo Harnesk of Sweden. Thanks for this board and forum. Debbie

02-05-05, 01:53
That was quick so I hope that they joined the church in Fitchburg. I will let you know what I learn. Now I have kids names so that I can check baptismal records. Only about 35% of emigrants joined a church but most of them had the kids baptized and confirmed. Let's see what John and Edla did.

edit for everybody: I had been looking thru some fotocopies from MA and all I had from Debbie was John A and Edla and then a bit lower down Johnson which I promptly forgot about. At the top of a page of member lists were a John A and Edla. Now how crazy is that? Of course this turned out to be Carlson but just thought a fun thing for everybody to know about.
Yes, here's the fotocopy: - I had to delete the whole thing to add the image.


02-05-05, 06:50
Does it read "Lillthors" in the brackets?

In that case there is a Edla Maria Lillthors born 1876 in Övermark to be found in Talko. She has a quite complete ahnentafel. Only one small but. Henrik Mangs has marked her as died in USA in 1902, but that could be an error??

02-05-05, 08:11
Originally posted by Debbie House
Searching for Edla Helstein born 1886 in Finland unknow where
died in 1974 buried in Fitchburg Worcester County Mass.. I believe she came to the USA in 1905. ...

In Hiski there is only one Edla Hellsten, born in the Lappi parish 1882

2.7.1882 2.7.1882 Kivikylä Jyvät Wilh. Hellsten Serafia Wilhelmsdr. 29 Edla Serafia
godparent: Taloll. Johan Mäki
godparent: Taloll. Mäen v. Maria Matintr


02-05-05, 19:14
You have it. I suppose Lillthors is this woman's birth name. This of course is not the Edla being sought by Debbie. She's looking for Edla Helsten or similar spelling. but I just was amused by my seeing that there was a John A and Edla just as Debbie had written.
More on Edla Maria Lillthors (Carlson)
born 22 March 1876 at Öfvermark förs Finland, married 18 January 1902, received at Worcester 2 2 1902, emigrated from Finland in 1900 and in the remarks column is written something which suggests they went to Providence Rhode Island 25 11 1902.

Jaska Sarell
02-05-05, 22:14
Surname Hellsten was rather popular around the country. Unfortunate HisKi database does not extend to late 1800's but for few parishes. GSF site lists over 300 name changes from Hellsten to some Finnish name (search available in Finnish only), e.g. Paasikivi. Indeed, former president of Finland (1946-56) Juho Kusti Paasikivi descends from one of many Hellstens.
I have about 20 Hellstens in my data and they are not all related to each other. One of them is my father's 6th cousin, Voitto Hellsten - a legendary sprinter in 1950's.

:) Jaska

03-05-05, 20:41
I checked both Fitchburg and Gardner which isn't that far away and did not find anbody for you:(

Well, at Fitchburg I did find a John A Johnson of Sweden, born in 1882 and he had a wife born in Finland in 1885, Nov 22 BUT they had the wrong kids: Ragnar, Paul Clifford, and Chester Richard and oh yes, her given name was Alvina so not much help there.

Is there a possibility they were down in Worcester MA for a while?