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Kaj Granlund
05-05-05, 13:23
Do you know if there is some software that can convert excel into gedcom?

05-05-05, 15:17
Hi Kaj,
I did a google search for "excel to gedcom" and found the following:


http://aroundcny.com/technofile/texts/giz102903.html (scroll to the bottom)


Maybe these will help... :confused:

06-05-05, 08:06

Generally the answer is no.

You can mix up the excel in so many ways that there is no easy way to turn "every" material into gedcom.

One small exception:

If the material is a strict name list where all rows are containing the same cell content - then you may import the name list...

If you want I could try this.


Kaj Granlund
10-05-05, 18:03
My computor broke, so I've not been able to check until now. Kev. must check to see if any of those links helps. Hasse I'll contact you