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June Pelo
06-05-05, 02:21
I have a request for help in locating data on the following:

Great Grandfather: Erkki Erkkinpoika “Tapanila” Maunu, b. 1828, Lumijoki, d. 1913 Duluth MN. Wife: Kaisa Kleimo, b. 1840 Lumijoki, d. 1917 Duluth MN.

Brother of Erkki: Jaakko Erkkinpokia Tapanila, b. ~1820 d. ~1890 Lumijoki
Wife: Liisa ?? , b. ? d. ? Lumijoki.

GG Grandfather: Erkki Ollinpoika Tapanila, b. ? d. ?
Wife: Maria Ericsdr, b . ? d. ~1842, Lumikoki.

GGG Grandfather: Olli Tapanila, b. ? d. ~1804. Wife: Stiina Pohjola, b. 1760 d. July 5, 1825 Lumijoki Finland.

GGGG Grandfather: Erkki Juho’s son Tapanila, b. ? d. ~1794 Lumijoki, Finland.

GGGGG Grandfather: Juho Tapanila, b. ? d. 1766

All this information is without sources except the death of Erkki "Tapanila" Maunu who died in Duluth MN. He changed his name prior to coming to the USA because he had purchased the Maunu farm near Lumijoki about 10 years before emigrating in 1872. I do have the microfilm containing, "Lumijoen Seurakunnassa Kuolleita ", but the content of this document is very limited.

He stated:
My biggest problem involves tracing my ancestors from Lumijoki. As you probably know the church records for Lumijoki near Oulu were destroyed in a fire in the early 1900's. I have some sketchy records of my Maunu/Tapanila ancestors but I don't know where to look to verify sources from
1900 and earlier.

Question 1: Do you know if duplicate Lumijoki parish records are on file anywhere else in Sweden or Finland?
Question 2: Are there any land ownership records on file for the Lumijoki area?
Question 3: Are you aware of anyone who has traced the genealogy for Tapanila's in Finland?
I tried to find data for him, but had no luck. If anyone can offer any help, I'd appreciate it.


06-05-05, 03:06
They don't appear to be Finns who would have been in a Swedish church so I would say that if they joined a Finnish church here in America, they will probably have some good information.
I don't see a town name other than where they died so I can't even suggest a church.


06-05-05, 10:33
Hi June,
Perhaps you have already checked the Genealogical Society of Finland site? In the Research Directory are two people researching Maunu. The woman is searching the name from
1673-2000. She lists a site
which also shows Tapani as a name she is researching.

06-05-05, 15:28
Hi June,
You may recall I have an ancestor that was from Lumijoki. I've never run across any other source of standard parish records for Lumijoki. I do know that there are some immunization records that exist that can help obtaining family details. There is at least one person, maybe two, on Finngen who have access to these immunization records. Maybe posting a message there would help.

Good luck!

Karen Norwillo
06-05-05, 18:38
June, I found alot on Ancestry on the family.
1900 Census Midway, St Louis, MN
Maunu, Erick, born Jan 1828, age 72, married 40 yrs. Finland, emigrated 1872, in US 28 yrs. farmer
Maunu, Katie, May 1840, age 60, 9 children, 7 living, Finland, US 1877
Maunu, Jacob, Feb 1868, 32, single, born Finland
Maunu, John, abt 1870, 30, single, Finland
Maunu, Andrew, Jan 1872, 28, single, Finland
Maunu, Katie, Feb 1880, 20, single, MN
Maunu, Gust, Dec 1881, 18, single, MN
Maunu, Lizzie, May 1885, 15, MN

MN Death Index..Mrs. Kate Maunu 12/07/1917 St Louis, MN

1920 Census Midway, St Louis, MN
Maunu, Gust, head, 38, single, MN, farmer
Maunu, Jack, brother, 51, single, Finland, farm laborer
Maunu, Andrew, brother, 47, single, Finland, farm laborer
Maunu, Kate, sister, 39, single, MN, none

1930 Census Duluth, St Louis, MN N 61st Ave West
Maunu, John, head, 59, married at 33, Finland, 1879?, outdoor foreman water&lighting
Maunu, Josephine, wife, 46, married at 19, Finland, 1900,
Maunu, Edwin A, son, 22, MN, laborer water&lighting
Maunu, Elmer A, son, 20, MN, laborer steel plant
Maunu, Edna J, daughter,18, MN, none
Maunu, Irene M, daughter, 15, MN
Maunu, Eveline G, daughter, 12, MN
Maunu, William, son, 8, MN
Maunu, Jean, daughter, 7, MN

Karen Norwillo
06-05-05, 18:59
June, I'm adding this from the 1920 Census for Carlton Cty, MN. I think this may be the eldest son of Erick and Katie. The age and date of emigration fit.The 1900 Census said 7 living children, but only 6 were at home then.
Maunu, Erick, head, 53, US 1978 (I've found dates vary from 1876-1879) Finland, farmer
Maunu, Emma, 49, US 1900, Finland
Maunu, Edmond, 19, MN, farm laborer
Maunu, Andrew, 17, MN, farm laborer
Maunu, Esther S, 14, MN
Maunu, Helmi S, 12, MN
Maunu, George E, 10, MN
Maunu, Mamie E, 8, MN
Maunu, Fritz R, 6, MN
At 53, this would make him 2-3 yrs older than brother Jack (John) depending on birthdays. Couldn't find Jacob, yet.

June Pelo
06-05-05, 20:42
Karen, Thanks a million for all that data - I'll send it on and let them figure it out.

And thanks also to Jeanette and Kevin - I found the people on Finngen with those names and will suggest that they be contacted.

Sorry I couldn't supply a town, Chuck.


21-01-12, 01:25
This thread is from 2005 and may be "case closed".

Just in case - see http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?8130-Lumijoki-death-records&p=34550#post34550 - these Tapanila family members can be found in the catalogue.