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07-05-05, 00:18
I'm looking for information on my gr-gr-grandparents family from Isojoki, Finland.
Henric Henricsson Sorvari born April 19 1819 died June 26, 1892 in Isojoki. With his second wife Anna Brita Henriksdotter they had one son who lived to adulthood. Johan Henric Henricsson Sorvari, born July 6 1864. It looks like he came to America, I think the Ishpeming Michigan area. Any information when he left Finland, married in Finland?
Henric Henricsson Sorvari and his third wife Maria Johan-Fredriksdotter Mäki born June 21 1852, died ?
Frans Henric Henricsson Sorvari born Oct. 30, 1874 in Isojoki. Death ? Marriage? Go to America?
Hilma Emelia Henricsdotter Sorvari born May 18, 1877 in Isojoki. She came to America. married in Ishpeming MIchigan and died in Ashland Oregon Sept. 20, 1928. My gr-grandma.
Josephina Henricsdotter Sorvari born Apr. 23, 1880 in Isojoki. I think she came to America, married in Ishpeming Michigan and ended up in British Columbia, Canada and Washington state.
Hilda Marian Henricsdotter Sorvari born Nov. 3, 1882 in Isojoki. She came to America, married in Ishpeming Michigan and died Apr. 1964 in Michigan.
Aksel Rikhard Henricsson Sorvari born Mar. 24, 1886 in Isojoki. Death? Marriage? Come to America?
Selma Loviisa Henricsdotter Sorvari born Aug. 24, 1889 in Isojoki. Death? Marriage? come to America?

07-05-05, 02:12
found at Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)

22h Alexander Sorvari Jun 12 1869 Kuortane unk S 27-3

This man is likely not your relative because he was listed as born at Kuortane parish. I don't know how widespread the Sorvari name is but this was the only man in the entire UP listed from Finland. It is likely your family

From the naturalization records, we have two:

John and Kaarlo but I can't be sure they are yours.

June Pelo
07-05-05, 02:19
There was a Carl Mattsson Sorvari, b. 2 May 1864, Alajärvi, d. 6 Dec 1945, Superior, WI. Married 1889 in Alajärvi to Anna Mattsdotter Lehtimäki-Haunapakka. They had 7 children. He called himself Charlie. Their daughter Ester was born 1906, Marengo, WI and was married to Theodore William Pollari. I know one of their descendants.


Karen Norwillo
08-05-05, 04:02
On the Emigrant Register, I found several of the Sorvari children I believe are from the family you seek.Hilda Sorvari left Hango 26 Aug 1899 for Ishpeming, MI. She was 16. Aksel Richard Sorvari , age 20, left for Boston 31 May 1905 on the Polaris. He left England 6 Jun 1905 on the Saxonia. He was given his passport on 11 May 1905. Selma Sorvari left for Quebec, Canada 24 Oct 1906 on the Polaris and England 1 Nov 1906 on the Kensington. She was 16.
On the 1910 Census in Ishpeming, Marquette, MI, I found on West Superior St
Henrikson, John, 46, married, Finland, to US 1888, iron miner
Mary, 36, Finland, 10 children/10 living, 1888 to US
Children, all born MI
William 17, Hjalmer 15, Emil 14, Lillie 11, Arvid 10, Werner 8, Axel 7, Mary 5, Hilda 4 and Hilma 1 1/2
I couldn't find Sorvari in Ishpeming that's why I tried the patronymic. I haven't found Frans or Josephina as yet.

08-05-05, 23:15
Thanks Karen for this information:
Yes, that's the John Hendrickson family in Ishpeming who I suspect is Johan Henricsson Sorvari.
I thought they probably dropped the Sorvari name for the patronomic.
But that was what was passed down from grandma that her mom's maiden name was Sorvari, or some variation of that. And that she had an aunt, Hilda Sorvari Lammi who was in Ishpeming. Nothing more (at that time) of other siblings or parents of her mom.
Thanks for the help.

Karen Norwillo
09-05-05, 22:40
I found Hilda's death record on Ancestry. They have her date of birth as 1 Nov 1883 and date of death as Apr 1964. Now that I know this is the correct one, I will do more searching on this name. Karen

Karen Norwillo
10-05-05, 00:08
Here's what I was able to find on the Lammi name.
1910 Census for Ishpeming, Marquette, MI on 709 4th St
Lammi, Joseph, head, 38, married once for 10 yrs, Finland, miner
Lammi, Hilda, wife, 28, married, 6 children 4 living, Finland
Lammi, George, age 9, MI
Lammi, Lenard?, age 8, MI
Lammi, Martha, age 6, MI
Lammi, Elsie, age 5, MI

No luck on the 1920 census, even trying all the names. Must be grossly misspelled

1930 Census Kingsford, Dickinson, MI on 308 Dickinson Blvd
Lammi, Joseph, head, 55, married at 24, Finland, 1892, Ford Motor
Lammi, Hilda, wife, 47, married at 17, Finland year of emigration ?
Lammi, Everrett, grandson, 2 10/12, WI
Lammi, Catherine, grand-daughter 3 6/12, MI

SSDI George Lammi 9 Dec 1900-June 1979 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI

1930 Census Highland Park, Lake, IL N. Linden Ave
Lammi, Martha, servant, 26, single, MI, parents Finn, cook, private home. She was in the home of William and Jean Jones.

13-05-05, 23:50
Hi Karen: Thanks for checkin' out this information. It's aboout what I've been able to find.
A few years back after some phone calls, we found Everett Lammi and visited with him and his wife on a trip back to Michigan to bring our daughter home one year from college. A nice visit but Everett didn't know anything about his grandma Hilda Sorvari Lammi's family, parents or siblings.
Thanks again for your help.

15-05-05, 17:32
Hi: I did fine the Lammi family in the 1920 census, still in Ishpeming, Marquette County Michigan. The name was spelled, Lauman instead of Lammi. Same info, Joseph and Hilda and the four kids.