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June Pelo
07-05-05, 02:08
There is a query in Norden newspaper from someone looking for information about Einar Swan (1903-40). His parents were Finnish and he was born in Fitchburg, MA. He was a jazz musician in the 1920s who played trumpet, clarinet and saxophone in addition to composing music.

Contact: Sven Bjerstedt (Lund University, Sweden)
Groansvägen 32-12
291 94 Kristianstad
E-mail: Sven.Bjerstedt*thm.lu.se
Phone: 0046-44-73080


10-05-05, 19:41
nothing at Fitchburg in the baptismals or the member list.


Karen Norwillo
11-05-05, 03:16
In searching Ancestry, I was surprised at how little is found on someone so well known in his time. I did find him on the 1930 Census in Manhattan, NY on W. 84th St
Swan, Einar, head, rents $133, age 27, married at 20, born Mass, parents Finland, musican arranger
Swan, Anna, wife, age 26, married at 19, born Russia
Swan, Pearl, daughter, age 3 6/12, born Mass

I couldn't find him on the 1920 census.
SSDI has Einar A Swan born 20 Mar 1903, died Aug 1940

ASCAP Biographical Dictionary, 3rd and 4th edition, NY American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers 1966 and 1980
lists him.
Most famous for song "When Your Lover Has Gone." Also, "Trail of Dreams"
Played Roseland Ballroom with bands including Sam Lanin and Vincent Lopez.
Birthdate also found as 1904.
Has me curious why he died so young.

June Pelo
12-05-05, 02:26

Thanks for that interesting info. I remember one of the songs - and also Vincent Lopez. I have forwarded your info on to Sven in Sweden.


June Pelo
12-05-05, 17:26
Sven Bjerstedt in Sweden sends thanks for the information about Einar Swan. He is rather surprised that Einar isn't more well-known here.