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June Pelo
07-05-05, 21:21
Here are some tidbits from Norden newspaper about taxes in Finland:

Finland receives much of its tax income from consumption taxes (30%) with alcohol taxes among the highest. The value-added tax in Finland is one of the highest of many countries. Great Britain's tobacco tax is in a class by itself. A packet of cigarettes costs 7,50 euro, with over 5 euro as taxes. In Finland a packet of cigarettes is ca 4 euro, with 3 euro as taxes.

Thirty years ago when I visited relatives in Finland, I used to fill my luggage with packs of cigarettes. I gave most of them to relatives who all smoked at that time, but I also gave cigarettes as tips to various people who preferred getting cigarettes rather than money. My, how times have changed.


08-05-05, 19:45
When I first visited Finland in 1960, prices were very reasonable but the next time in 1975, when VAT was in place, prices were high high high.
It is disturbing to notice that certain members of our congress are now floating similar ideas.