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08-05-05, 21:04
Thanks to Chuck's research at the Swenson Center, I found out that another set of my great-grandparents were born in Esse Parish, Finland! I found the birth record for my great-grandfather Erik on microfilm, but I am having trouble reading it.

From other records I determined his mother's name was Anna Lassila, and I think that's what this says, and from the format I am assuming she was not married at the time.

I would appreciate any help in confirming what this attachment says.

Alf Blomqvist
08-05-05, 22:07
Backstugu karls dottren Anna Lovisa Jacobs dtr Lassilas oškta barn Erik.

Faddrar: Matts Johansson Lassila des hu Maria Anders dr, Bde Son Johan Jacobsson Lassila des ?? Anna Gretha Jacobs dr. Lassila

Maybe someone will translate?

June Pelo
09-05-05, 02:12
Evidently a baptism record.

Backstugu..(owner of a small cottage and small piece of land) daughter Anna Lovisa Jacobsdotter Lassila's illegitimate child Erik.

Godparents: Matts Johansson Lassila and wife Maria Andersdotter, farmer's son Johan Jacobsson Lassila and Anna Gretha Jacobsdotter Lassila.


09-05-05, 03:07
Thank you Alf & June for your help on this!