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Sören Ahinko
11-05-05, 21:53
I wonder if there is someone who knows something about this man. And his parents.
For about 15-20 years ago he was sending Christmas cards to my aunt in Helsinki, Finland. And in the envelope it was also one cheques for 5 dollar.
For coffe and some cookies, he wrote.
The problem is my aunt don´t remember who this man was. She is 87 years old.
She thinks that it was her mothers sister son. But she isn´t sure.
But I havn´t found him in my papers.

Some information I´ve got.
Manford A. Herling in 1990 he lived in 3220 E. 8TH AVE., APT 307, Hibbing MN.

His father was Albert Herling born 1872
and his mother Mathilda born 1873, and her maidenname should be Landgren.

It would be great to tell my aunt, that is wondering who this man could be who had sent her money for many years ...:D

Karen Norwillo
12-05-05, 04:29
Sören, I found alot of info on Ancestry on the Herlings in Minnesota.
1900 Census Eagle Valley Township, Todd, MN
Herling, John, born Nov 1843, age 56, emig. 1884, farmer
Herling, Christina, Feb 1838, 62, 7 children/5 living, 1886
Herling, Frank, Nov 1867, 32, emig. unknown, farmer
Herling, Ingri A, July 1877, 22, 1 child, emig. 1892
Herling, Frances, June 1899, 11/12, MN
Herling, Albert, Jan 1872, 28, emig 1884, farmer
Herling, Mathilda, Dec 1873, 26, emig 1894
Herling, Mabel A, Nov 1898, 1, MN
Herling, Herbert, Mar 1900, 2/12, MN
All born Sweden except small children
1910 Census Eagle Valley, Todd, MN
Herling, Albert, 38, married 11 yrs, 1886, farmer
Herling, Matilda, 37, 1896
Herling, Mabel A, 11
Herling, Melvin H, 10, MN
Herling, Mauritz, 6, MN
Herling, Manford, 4/12, MN
1920 Census, same location
Albert, 48, US 1884, general farmer
Anna M, 47, US 1893
Moritz, 15..Manford 10...Mildred 8
In Clarissa, Todd, MN on Leslie St is Christina Herling, age 82, now a widow, emig 1878, nat. 1888
1930 Census, same Eagle Valley township
Herling, Albert G, now 58, widowed, farmer
Manford is now 20, a clerk. Mildred is 18.
SSDI Manford A Herling 15 Dec 1909 Clarissa, MN-21 Feb 1998 Hibbing, MN
MN Birth Index 1935-2002
Barbara Ann Herling, 12 Aug 1946, father Manford A Herling, mother Aileen Marie Grunfeldt, file #1946-MN-027147
Hope this helps, Karen

Sören Ahinko
12-05-05, 20:04
Karen, you have find something very interesting name, Aileen Marie Grunfelt.
Because there is some Grundfelt in the family. First I got so exited I was sure who that women was. But when I got home from work I watch in my computer and didn´t find her. :mad:
But you are sure on the right track.
But I have one Aili Alice Grundfelt she was born in 1924 and but she died in 1925.

Can you find out something more about her ? When she was born?

Karen Norwillo
13-05-05, 04:04
Sören, Here's what I've been able to find on Aileen Marie Grundfeldt. On the 1930 Census for Stuntz, St Louis, MN
Grundtfeldt, John, head, age 42, married, Finland, to US 1910, farmer. Wife Tyyne, age 41, Finland, to US 1912. Daughter Aileen, age 19, Finland, 1912. Son Eugene, age 16, MN. From the MN Death Index, Eileen Marie Herling, born 8 Apr 1911, died 21 Apr 1967, St Louis County, MN.
I also found family of Barbara Ann Herling in St Louis County, MN. I will send you that info by private message as they are still living. Karen

Sören Ahinko
14-05-05, 14:54
Thank you Karen,

You have found the connetion to my father and his sister to Manford A Herling.
It was their cousins husband who sent the cards to my aunt.

And thank you for the address to Manfords grandson.

My father and his sister are so glad that we now know who sent cards and money to my aunt. The are also very thankful for the info.

By the way this John Grundfeldt are the brother to John Fredrickson (Lillas), and Charles Fredrickson, I´m still looking for info on.....

Sören Ahinko
14-05-05, 15:10
Forget the last sentence. I gave you the wrong info.:o
John Grundfeldt are not John Fredricksons brother. It was his son.

But the rest is ok.