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June Pelo
14-05-05, 22:56
The current issue of the SFHS Quarterly has a query from Margareta Fransen in Jakobstad, who is looking for the following relatives in the US:

1. Petter Henriksson (Hendrickson or Nyman), b. 24 Apr 1837, Pedersöre, and wife Fredrika b. 1836, Sibbo and son Fridolf Leander, b. 1865, Sibbo.

2. Felix Henriksson (Hendrickson), b. 11 May 1856, Pedersöre, was in Alabaster, MI 1920. Daughter Lydia Gabriella married to Emmet in North Bend, OR. (According to my database, he married Edla Nabbala and they lived on a farm in Alabaster. My uncle Art Spring lived in Alabaster and I assume that he knew this family.)

3. Johan Victor Andersson Turnquist (Törnqvist), b. 18 Oct 1870, Pedersöre. To America 1888. Wife Edla Maria, b. 1879. They were in Conover, WI 1935 & 40.

4. Herman Johansson Gunnila, b. 20 Dec 1869, Pedersöre. Traveled to S. Africa; imprisoned at Sancta Helena Island. Said to have gone to US.

5. Gustaf Alexander Johansson Gunnila, b. 30 Sep 1874, Pedersöre. To US 1898.

6. Anders Johansson Gunnila, b. 6 Nov 1876, Pedersöre. To US 1904.

7. Johannes Fredriksson (Lars Gustafsson Tarvos), b. 7 Jul 1860, Pedersöre. Wife Karolina Öst, b. 1858, Pedersöre. To US. Farmer in Canada 1936.

8. Niklas Fredriksson (Lars Gustafsson Tarvos), b. 26 Sep 1862, Pedersöre. To US 1881. Known to be in US 1931.

9. Anders Alfred Fredriksson (Lars Gustafsson Tarvos), b. 10 Jan 1871, Pedersöre. Known to be in US 1894.

10. Anders August Jakobsson, Tarvos or Fredriksson, b. 21 Oct 1885, Pedersöre. Known to be in US 1915.

Submitted by Margareta Fransen, Bobergsvägen 1 E, 68630, Jakobstad, Finland.


19-05-05, 09:57
Hi June,

I found John V Turnquist age 39 living in Conover Twp, Vilas County, WI in the 1910 census and Kevin attached an image from the census at http://finlander.eget.net/showthread.php?threadid=1761&perpage=15&highlight=tarvos&pagenumber=2

He also posted an image from the 1910 census for Felix Hendriksson. Other information about shipping records can also be found in the thread which relate to this enquiry.

I noticed Herman Johansson Gunnila b 20 Dec 1869 was imprisoned at Sancta Helena Island. There was a Saint Helena Island prison colony off the coast of Queensland near the mouth of the Brisbane River for about 60 years from 1867. The last prisoner left the island on 15 Feb 1933. Could Herman have been imprisoned there?


June Pelo
19-05-05, 18:18
Thanks for all the info on these people. Wish Margareta Fransen had e-mail so she could read all of this.


21-05-05, 18:53
Perhaps something can be found at the East Tawas church.
As to North Bend, OR, it is in Coos County so nothing here at Swenson for that place. There was a lutheran church in Conover, WI, so I can check there.
If you have other towns, let me know.


24-05-05, 20:17
at East Tawas MI Grace Lutheran I found
Felix Henriksson (Hendrickson), b. 11 May 1856 and wife Edla with son Henry Amos Gabriel.

at Conover WI Pioneer Lake Luthera I found
Victor Turnquist, b. 18 Oct 1870 and wife Edla Maria and ten kids.

I did not find the others on your list at that church.

I will send the FCs to your postal address so you can take care of getting the details to Margareta Fransen in jeppis.


June Pelo
24-05-05, 22:10
Thanks, Chuck. I have a 99-year-old cousin whose parents lived in Alabaster in the 1940s and I've written to ask her if she remembers this family.

Then I'll write to Margareta Fransen.