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Arne Böhling
15-05-05, 21:52
Are there any genealogists that have any information on Axel Hermans
(might have changed his name to Axel Gustafsson) descending from Sideby,
Finland. He was born 1^st of April 1885 and then later moved to
Fitchburg, MA/America 12^th of October 1903 arriving trough Boston, a
few years later he might have moved to Gardner.

According to the info found in the Institute of Migrations’ passport
register from Vasa passport authority is the following information
recorded about Axel Hermans: Aksel Adrian Hermans, 18 years old,
unmarried, son of a fisherman, date of passport: 17^th September 1903,
passport number: 3911, passport valid for 2 years, departure from
Kristinestad, destination USA,MA, Fitchburg, travel price: 192 mk,
ship/boat from Finland: Polaris, travel date from Finland: 23^rd of
September 1903, travel date from England: 29^th of September 1903,
Atlantic route: Cunard Line., S.S. Ultonia., Arrived to the Boston
harbour 12^th October 1093, destination target: friend Klas Gustafsson
in MA, Fitchburg.

When Axels’ twin-brother Viktor Eliel Hermans(changed his name to Victor Gustafson) arrived to America/NY,
25^th of December 1905 he stated that he was going to visit his brother
Axel Gustafson living in the state of Massachusetts, in the city Gardner
on the address Greenwood 5.

The parents to the two men were Gustaf and Maria.

Victor Gustafson (born Hermans), born 1^st of
April 1885 in Sideby, passed away 30^th of April in New York/America,
according to statements was he run over by a car(?), Axels’
twin-brother, According to the passenger list from Ellis Island did he
arrive to New York, 20 years of age, on the 25^th of December 1905 with
8 dollars on his pocket. His name was written down as Viktor Hermans,
The ship he arrived with is believed to have been Columbia and the
arrival harbour Londonberry. According to the assembly in Sideby did he
also travel America 18^th August 1911.

Viktor lived i Gardner and worked at Central Oil and Gas Stove Co at various times. He apparently died on April 29, 1923, after being struck by a railroad street car. He was living on a farm in Templeton at the time of his death. He had a cousin in Fitchburg named Heming Gustafson.

I would appreciate if anyone would be able to help me in any way in my

Arne Böhling


16-05-05, 19:29
I have edited your Query and we will include it in the next edition of The Quarterly, Arne. Perhaps someone who is not online will have some answers for you.

Best wishes,

Co-editor, The Quarterly

LoriAnn Pawlik
17-05-05, 16:56
Hi Arne,
You have a lot of good information. I hope that I can help you some but I don't know if it your people.

There are many Axel Gustafson names in the census. Most are identified with Sweden. The closest I found for Axel is:

1910 census - taken Apr. 28
2nd ward, Worcester City, Worcester County, Massachusetts
Axel H. Gustafson, male, white, 25, single, immigration 1903, Alien status. Living at 145 Eastern Avenue as a lodger in the Lodging House of Christina Suquist. He speakes English, is a Motorman for Electric cars. He is able to read and write. He speaks Swedish. It lists him as born in Sweden, 1885. This could just be an error - he spoke Swedish so perhaps they just assumed he was born in Sweden.

1910 census
Victor Gustafson, age 22, living in Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts. I cannot access the full record on my computer, but perhaps someone else can see it & share.

1920 census - There is more than 1 Axel Gustafson living in Massachusetts. There is one living in Fitchburg, Worcester, MA, but it identifies him as born in 1873 in Sweden.

1920 census - taken 10 Jan.
Victor Gustafson, age 34, born Finland, mother tongue Swedish. Living at 471 West Broadway. He is head of the household, married (but does not list the wife!), immigrated 1904, Alien status, able to read & write. He is a moulder and I cannot make out where he does this job. His parents were born in Finland/Finnish.

Have a great day,
Lori Pawlik :)

Karen Norwillo
17-05-05, 23:08
I, too, was unable to get the rest of that 1910 census for Viktor. The page does not display correctly. On the Boston Passenger List, I found an entry for Viktor Gustafson, age 24, laborer from Finland, last residence Gardner, Mass., wife Sigrid Gustafson in Sideby, Finland, destination Gardner, Mass, on SS Cymric from Liverpool 19 Sept 1911. Then there's a line through the whole entry. I couldn't make out the rest of his occupation on that 1920 census except moulder. Karen