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June Pelo
18-05-05, 21:45
1. Do you feel that you know many of your ancestors better than members of your immediate, living family members?
2. Do most or all of your vacation trips involve genealogical research, even at the risk of traveling hundreds of miles out of the way?
3. Have you ever dragged your spouse and/or children through a cemetery?
4. On such vacation trips, have you "dumped" your spouse and/or children at a mall, given them money, and told them to amuse themselves for four or five hours while you conduct research?
5. Are you on a first name basis with more than five genealogical reference librarians?
6. Are you more proficient with searching library and archive catalogs and the Internet for genealogical information than most of your local librarians?
7. Have you ever bribed (or thanked) a genealogy librarian or archivist with chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, bon-bons, or Godiva chocolates?
8. Have you ever sat at a microfilm reader so long that your eyes were spinning in their sockets like the fruits on a Las Vegas slot machine?
9. Have you ever bypassed eating lunch or dinner just because you were making such headway either in a library/archive or on the Internet?
10. Does the trunk of your car contain hiking boots, galoshes, coveralls, smocks, old shirts and trousers, insect repellent, a trowel, and other tools just in case you have to make an emergency stop at a cemetery?
11. Do you subscribe to more than five genealogical mailing lists or regularly post to and check more than five online genealogy message boards?
12. Have you spent $100 or more in the last year on genealogy books, software, and/or archival supplies?
13. Have you spent $100 or more in the last year on photocopies and/or for copies of vital records?
14. Have you called in sick to work or school because you were up until the wee hours researching your genealogy in the Ancestry.com databases and on other Web sites?
15. When you make a great discovery, do you turn around and celebrate it by telling your dog(s) or cat(s) napping in your home office all about it?

Charlotte County Genealogical Society


19-05-05, 16:55
Eh, just too true deal June

Thanks , this was nice!