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19-05-05, 17:07
Looking for wife,children and grandchildred aso. to Josef August Nisuls , used Groop in America. August was born Jan 16, 1865 in Övermark and died May19, 1949in Escanaba, Michigan.
Anything on his family ...


19-05-05, 23:29
Hi Ninni,
I found Josef listed as August already in Escanaba in 1910. I am also listing all Groop Heads of Household found as there aren't many and they may be related.
Surname,Given Name,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,Locality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State


Hopefully someone with access to the census will look up the August listing for you and post the family details.

Edited to add this data from Chucks database of Swedish Finns in UP Michigan accessible in the Delphi database.
Swenson 226 = Delta Co, Escanaba, Bethany Lutheran
b19h Joseph August Groop Jan 16 1865 Närpes 1882 226
b19w Hulda Flenstrom Groop [John] Apr 11 1868 Kristinestad unk 226
Don't know how this woman fits in but also found there
38e Mrs Rosinas Groop Apr 11 1868 Kristinestad 1886 226

Karen Douglas
20-05-05, 18:30
Hi Ninni,

I have an Anna Sofia Groop in my family tree. She was born 1 Feb. 1860, presumably in Finland; died 6 Feb. 1900 in either Crystal Falls or Ironwood, Michigan, USA.

She married a Reinhold Berg (also from Finland) on 8 June 1884 in the USA.

They had two sons and four daughters.

Unfortunately, I know nothing more about Anna Sofia, but wonder if she might possibly be a part of the family you are looking for.

Karen Douglas

20-05-05, 22:12
Part 1, left side of member list for Joseph August Groop and family. Family of Huldah Groop is next below and maybe she fits your family also?
The daughter Eva Matilda is from the page 20 listing.


20-05-05, 22:13
Part 2 is the right side of the family book.


20-05-05, 22:15
Part 3 is the member listing for son Hilmer Edwin Groop (aka Helmer here)

ps/check your pm messages on this

21-05-05, 08:44
Thank you for your help. I cannot read where the wife of J August Gropp, Anna Johanson, was born ???


21-05-05, 18:41
Goteberg, Sweden is the listing and on the new page she was listed the same.


04-02-06, 18:06
My paternal grandmother's (Ellen Nelson) sister Mary Nelson married John Everett Groop in Crystal Falls, Michigan 30 May 1927
Ellen and Mary's parents were John and Kate ("Kaisa" Koukkuloma) Nelson, formally known as Norrgard, John changed his name after coming to America in 1899 and working in the in Mines in Upper Michigan. Please let me know if I can be of any help to look up information on the Groop name,

Karen Norwillo
04-02-06, 18:47
Here's the 1910 and 1930 census for the family

1910 Escanaba, Delta, MI
Groop, August, 45, married once at 25, Finland, US 1885 or 95? switchman railroad
Anna, 44, married at 23, 11 children, 4 living, Finland, US 1885 or 95
children, August, 21, Hilmar, 14 and Bertha, 12 all MI

1930 Escanaba, Delta, MI

August is 65, this time says married at 21, says Sweden, US 1885, conductor railroad
Anna is 64, married at 19, Sweden
Elaine, 11, adopted daughter, born WI
Hilmer or Helmer, 33 married at 33, MI, shipping clerk, wholesale produce
Olive, his wife, 29, married at 28, MI

I didn't check for more info, but will if you want. Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-02-06, 19:29
Went back and here's the rest of what I found on Ancestry.

1900 census Escanaba
Groop, August, Jan 1865, 35, married 16 yrs, Finland, 1882, in US 17 yrs, switchman railroad
Annie, Feb 1866, 34, 7 children 4 living, Sweden, in US 16 yrs
Anna A, Feb 1886, 14, MI
August, Oct 1887, 12, MI
Helmer, Aug 1896, 3, MI
Ruth C, Oct 1898, 1, MI


Helmer Groop, born 29 Aug 1896 died Jan 1970 New Port Richey, Pasco, FL
Olive Groop, 30 Sep 1900, Jan 1977, Rockford, Winnebago, IL

1920 census Detroit, Wayne, MI
Groop, Elmer E, boarder, 23, single, MI, father Finn, mother Sweden, machinist, looks like tractor making
Groop, August G, 32, single, MI, Finn, Sweden, machinist, auto co

Hope this helps. There are loads of entries for Groop in Crystal Falls, my home town, Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-02-06, 20:13
Karen Douglas, Found your Anna Sofia Berg in the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Crystal Falls.

Berg, Anna S, 1P 30, 1/2/1900
Berg Jennie Sofie, 1P 30, 7/8/1942
Berg, Johannes, 1P 30, 6/11/1907
Berg, Margaret, 1 P 30, 2/22/1938
Berg, Renhold, 1P 30, 12/25/1928
1P 30 is the grave location

Also, in the 1913 Crystal Falls Directory is Renhold Berg and ?wife Margaret at 308 N6th St. Margaret must be second wife or maybe daughter.

There are 4 Groop families listed in this directory
Edward and Ida Groop at 700 Harrison St
John and Hilda Groop at the Bristol Location
Michael Groop at 708 Harrison St
Otto and Anna Groop at 920 Erie Ave

There are 33 Groop's buried in Evergreen if anyone's interested.
Excellent site for anyone with ties to Iron County can be found at
Like a walk through my childhood. I lived on Erie, my aunt on Harrison and my grandparents on N 6th. Karen

Karen Norwillo
05-02-06, 17:37
Went to the Delta County Genealogical Society site and found lots of info.

Lakeview Cemetery in Escanaba
Baby Groop, father August, mother Anna, born 1/3/1907 died 2/3/1907 (day/month/year)
Anna Groop, Elof Johnson, Anna? 4/2/1866, 1/10/43
August A Groop, no dob, 23/5/1949
August Grover Groop, August and Anna, 8/10/1887, 27/4/1926
Catherine Groop, Charles Hoffman, ? mother,
Charles N Groop, August and Anna, 1/9/1889, 9/3/1891
Venla E Groop, August and Anna, 18/2/1894, 18/5/1898

Birth records name, book and page
Baby Groop D56
A Groop B34
Axel Groop B171
Charles August Groop B96
Hilda Alma Groop B54
Hillman Groop B303
Ruth E Groop C51
Wendla Groop B 237

Marriages 1862-1927

Anna Groop to Fred Kositzke 11/19/1905
John Groop to Hulda Nelson 4/5/1889
Ruth Groop to James Burr 6/19/1920
Charles Groop(Gropp) to Catherine Anderson 5/23/1908

1889 Directory
August Group 311 S.Georgia St Escanaba, page 44, switchman C&NW
John Group 314 S Campbell St Escanaba, pg 44, switchman, same

Naturalization Records
August Grop 14 Apr 1884 book 3 pg 264
John Grop 14 Apr 1884, bk 3 pg 264
Charlie Grop 14 Apr 1884, bk 3 pg 266

Karen Norwillo
05-02-06, 18:42
More on the family of Reinhold/Renhold Berg
1900 census taken June 16, 1900, Crystal Falls

Berg, Rhinholt, Aug 1862, 37, married at 20, Finland, miner
John, Dec 1885, 14, MI
Jennie, Nov 1889, 10, MI
Pennie, Nov 1892, 7, MI
Emil, Feb 1895, 5, MI
Ester, July 1897, 2, MI
Cecilia, Nov 1899, 6/12, MI

1920 census, Crystal Falls

Berg, Renhold is 57, farm laborer
Margaret, wife, is 60, born Finland
Jennie is 29, an invalid
Emil is 24, electrician iron mines
Esther is 22
Ponchard, Earl, son-in-law, 22, laborer logging camp
Celia, 20

They live right nextdoor to my future uncle, George Dahl.

Karen Douglas
06-02-06, 23:10
Hi Karen!

Wow! What a great detective you are! It looks like I am going to have to make a trip to Crystal Falls this summer. I have been through it, but never stopped there before.

My father always told me that I have lots of cousins in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but at this point in time, I have only met one of them, and she's not interested in genealogy.:(

Incidently, Margaret was, indeed, Reinhold's second wife, but I had her listed as "Greta." In fact, "Greta Lisa Kapell." Wonder if that name is familiar to anyone on this site...

Thanks, again, Karen!


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15-02-07, 05:43
Hello My last name is also Groop, My Father who is from Williamston, MI and his father is from Crystal Falls, MI. Do you think there could be a possible connection? I have been trying to find info about our family tree. - Aubrey

16-02-07, 01:09
That would be great!

16-02-07, 01:29
What is this Nisuls name, is that what the Groops were called out of the united states?