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Kaija Leena
20-05-05, 22:25
Hello! My name is Kaija and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
I am looking for information about, and hopefully descendants of, my relatives:

Juho Iivari Lämsä, born in Veneheitto, Finland 1886. He left for America in 1913 with his wife Ida Sormunen.

Peter Johan Olausson, born in Skörebo, Sweden 1846. It is believed that he went to America in 1887 with SS Inman.

Erik August Söderqvist, born in Stigsjö, Sweden 1866. He was on SS Orlando 1889.

I'm looking forward to interesting conversations with you all here at the Finlander net.

21-05-05, 00:13
Hi and welcome to sfhs!

I have access to church microfilms here so if you know the town and states, I might be able to help you.


Kaija Leena
21-05-05, 00:48
Hi Chuck! Great! The problem is that not very much is known about them. Peter Johan, says the church books, lived in America since 1872, and he was a Baptist. He might have come to Chicago, but I don't know if he stayed there.
Erik August only went to NY, after that nothing is known.
And Juho Iivari and Ida Sormunen, the only thing I know about them is that they did not have any children when they left Finland.
I guess this is too little information, so I hope that maybe their descendants are looking for their roots and see this.

21-05-05, 01:15
OK, Jeanette and Kevin,
Time for you census people to get going and narrow the focus.

Baptist? those church records are difficult because baptist church records are seemingly the opposite of lutheran church records.
While lutherans give a lot of data, the baptists are quite minimal. So even if we did get them located, I am not sure we can find much that is useful. But I must say that some baptist churches did make a good effort while others described the wife as Mrs Sven Johnson :)


Karen Norwillo
22-05-05, 22:47
I started with the Lämsä surname. Here's what I found.Boston Passenger List arriving 17 Mar 1913 SS Carpathia from Liverpool
Juho Lämsä age 26 farmer destination Fitchburg, Mass. has been in USA before 1907-1912 in Minneapolis, MN wife Ida in Saraisniemi ? spelling, going to brother-in-law Jack Oja at 75 Kimball St Fitchburg. Interestingly, on the same voyage is an Ida Lämsä going to the same destination to her husband Emil Lämsä.
On 17 May 1913, Boston arrival SS Cymric is Ida Lämsä, age 25 wife, in USA 1907-1912 in MN going to husband Ivar Lämsä at the Kimball St address in Fitchburg. Guess Juho was using his middle name at that time.
1920 Census for Minneapolis city, Hennepin, MN is
Lamsa John age 30 says US 1909 Finland brickman brick contractor. Wife Ida, age 31, Us 1908 Finland. Son John age 3 10/12 born MN. The index has the surname spelled Lanosa, but it's Lamsa. They also have his initial as J, but it looks like an I to me ?Ivar? There were lots of Lämsä in Fitchburg, Mass. I'll keep looking for more info. Karen

Karen Norwillo
23-05-05, 00:26
I found more on Lämsä on the Institute of Migration. Passports issued to Ida, born 30 Oct 1887 on 21 Feb 1913 from Säräisniemi.
To Lida, born 1888, married, on 22 Apr 1913. On the passenger lists, both Ida's going to Fitchburg, Mass.
On the passport list, Juho Iivari Lämsä, born 19 Sep 1886, single, issued 25 Sep 1907, to Amerikka. On 21 Feb 1913 he was married and going to Amerikka. On the passenger list, 1907 destination is Minneapolis, MN, the 1913 is Fitchburg, Mass.

Karen Norwillo
23-05-05, 03:22
I'm not sure if this is your Erik August Soderqvist, but here's what I found.
1900 census, Chicago, Cook, IL at 219 112th St
Soderquist, Erich, 37, birthdate Mar 1863, married 13 years, Sweden, emigrated 1888, in US 12 yrs, occupations of many men on this page are written over with numbers, his are 14-5-a-0-0-4.
Wife Seraphia, birth Aug 1865, 34, Sweden. Children, Hilda, Feb 1880, 10, IL, Alvin, Mar 1882, 8, IL and Violet, Jun 1884, 5, IL
1910 Census Chicago, Cook, IL 39 109th St
Soderquist, Eric A, 49, married 22 yrs, Sweden, US 1887, machinist
Seraphina, 44, Sweden, 1887
Hilder, 20, single, IL. sales, drygoods
Alvin, 18, single, IL. bookkeeper paint co
Violet, 15, IL
1930 census Alhambra City, San Gabriel township, Los Angeles, CA on 105 Electric Ave
Soderquist, Erik A, 67, married at 24, Sweden, US 1887, gardener
Wife Seraphina, 64, married at 21, Sweden
Hildur, 40, single, IL, saleslady dept store
Dates are not perfect matches, but close.

Kaija Leena
24-05-05, 13:36
Hi Karen. Wow, thank you very much! This is great!

24-05-05, 19:40
Nobody with surnames Lämsä or Oja in the Swedish language church so likely they were with one of the Finnish language churches:
Fitchburg - Apostolic ("Heideman")
Founded in 1900. The church was not divided and the "Heideman" people was in majority.
John Rasku ("Heideman")
[Source: Saarnivaara 1947, p. 292 & 324]
Fitchburg - Baptists
A Finnish church which later joined with the Swedish church.
[Source: Silfversten 1931, p. 224]
Fitchburg - Congregational
Finnish Evangelical Mission Church (1895-1960)
Elm Street Congregational Church (1960-)
Fitchburg - National
The Finn Evangelical Lutheran Society (1893-1953)
Messiah Lutheran Church (1953-)
Fitchburg - Pentecostal
Fitchburg - Suomi Synod
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Now who has any of these records is unknown to me. Perhaps the Finnish archives in Hancock MI ? I copied the names from the list at the Finnish gen site.


Kaija Leena
24-05-05, 21:05
Hi Karen, again! I've asked my mother about this Emil Lämsä with wife Ida. Apparently he was related to Juho Lämsä and they traveled together. He and Ida later returned to Finland, while Juho Iivar and his Ida remained in USA. Neat!

LoriAnn Pawlik
24-06-05, 14:05
1920 US Census
Chicago District 572, Cook County, Illinois
Living at 41 W. 109th Street
Home owned & mortgaged
Also living in this house is the Henry Thorsen family (wife Anna, son Andrew) from Norway. Henry also works in the car works.
All can read & write, except Andrew.

Eric, 56, 1st marriage, immigrated 1887, Naturalized 1892, born Sweden-Swedish as are parents, occupation - machinist tool maker for a car works

Seraphia, wife, 54, 1st marriage, immigrated 1887, Naturalized 1892, born Sweden-Swedish as are parents

Violet, 25, daughter, single, born Illinois, parents born Sweden, occupation - Stenographer for an iron & steel works

Hildure, 29, daughter, single, born Illinois, parents born Sweden, occupation - Complometer for Wholesale market

Have a great day,
Lori Pawlik :cool:

jonnee Kohler
24-05-06, 07:26
I am trying to find the original posting for Lamsa/Sormunen, as I believe these were my grandparents.
Kaija Leena has not posted recently, but I would like to let her know that I just found her posting from last year. I am located in central Pennsylvania, and have a pretty good Idea what happened to the people in her inquiry. Jonnee Lampsa Kohler

Originally posted by Karen Norwillo
I started with the Lämsä surname. Here's what I found....

Kaija Leena
23-01-07, 23:44
Jonnee: hi there! True, I haven't been here for quite a while now. But now I'm here again and I'm anxious to know what happened to my Lämsä relatives! You're named Lampsa Kohler? Are we related? :-D