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June Pelo
21-05-05, 21:27
I have a request from someone who wants to visit Finland and meet some living relatives. Her great grandfather was Anders Berndt Andersson Winell, b. 1885 in Karleby. I note that he had a brother Algot, b. 1890 who married Elin Johansdotter Suomalax and they had a daughter Iris Gunilla Winell, married to Laxström. She was born 1924. Nothing more is known about them, but it's possible Iris and her husband had living descendants in Karleby.

Anders Winell's wife was Hilma Sofia Johansdotter Haukilax/Hauki, b. 1883. She had many siblings: Axel Fritjof Hauki, b.1893, who had a son Hans, b. 1923 in Gamlakarleby; brother Erik, b. 1899, married Elna Holmquist; brother Anders, b. 1903, married Katarina Nygård and had a daughter Thordis married to Ture Karl Jansson. They had 5 children and it's possible some of them live around Karleby.

Does anyone have any idea how we can find a way to contact any of these people to see if they'd like to meet their relatives from the US?


Hasse Andtbacka
21-05-05, 21:53
I sent this post to my third cousin Ralf Jansson, together with your e-mail address. I guess he will contact you.

Hasse A

June Pelo
22-05-05, 20:53
Thank you, Hasse. I found Ralf's name in my database but had no other information about him. Mary will certainly be delighted to hear about this.