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24-05-05, 16:00
My Wifes uncle, Johan Artur Lassfok b.1887-10-22 in Kåtnäs/Närpes, Finland emigrate to Argentina 1906. His brother have contact to Artur in San Francisco 1930-et. He exchange Lassfolk for Williams then. Probable work he who sailor.
- 1926 emigrant Olga Maria Backholm b. 1900-07-15 i Solf, Finland, she birth one son Barry, where find there people ????
:( :( :( Elof

Karen Norwillo
25-05-05, 04:20
Elof, On the Institute of Migration, I found Juho Artur Lassfolk, born 22/10/1887, single, from Kristiinankaup. VAA, issued passport 09/03/1905. On the passenger list I found him as Johan Lassfolk, age 17, destination Anaconda, MT, USA, left Finland on SS Polaris 22/03/1905 and from England on SS Ivernia 28/03/1905.
I also found an entry on the MN Death Index for Olga Marie Backholm born 8 Oct 1904 and died 6 Feb 1964 in Wadena County, MN. Mother's maiden name: Seikkala. I know this doesn't match the birth date you gave, but it's the only one I could find. Was Backholm her married name? I found lots of entries for Backholm in Wadena, but no Olga except for the death. Karen