View Full Version : Unmarried couples urged to marry in Finland

June Pelo
24-05-05, 22:25
Norden newspaper reports that unmarried couples with children, living in Karleby, received a letter from the Swedish parish priest urging them to marry. The letter was sent out together with information on baptisms. Couples were also urged to choose godparents for their children who are married or engaged. According to parish priest Peter Kankkonen, it is obvious that priests hold marriage in high esteem and they hope couples will marry. "It is much better to marry, and I think it manifests love in an entirely different way than to live together and bring children into the world," he said. A few couples have reacted negatively to the letter. Another couple chose to marry during the baptism.

At the Borgå diocese, Klas Abrahamsson said that he did not know if a similar letter was sent out from any other parish. He doubts that the letter will have the desired effect.