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Mark Sundstrom
25-05-05, 19:08
Hello Folks,

I'm brand new to this forum, and still learning about my Swedish/Finish ancestors. I had a letter given to me by my aunt from a relative by the name of Jim Bailey, who mentioned this forum. Jim was VERY helpful, and gave me MUCH information on my grandfathers side of the family. Now I'm hoping I can learn about my grandmothers family as well. I've been doing genealogy for quite some time now, but was always stumped with my fathers side of the family. It didn't help me when my father always insisted they were from Sweden.

Both my grandparents are Swedish speaking Finn's, that emigrated to Felch, Michigan. My grandfather John V. Sundstrom, owned the service station in Felch, as well as other endeavors, and was superintendent of the Zion Lutheran Sunday School. He came from Jacobstad, Pedersore, Callby, Sweden-Finland. My Grandmother was Anna L. Ovist. She came from Ovist, Purmo, Sweden-Finland. She had 3 brothers that also came from Finland. John J. Ovist, Matt Ovist, and Gustav Oberg. Their parents were Jacob Jacobsson & Maria Jonedotter. Matt stayed in Felch, as did Anna. John moved to Duluth. Gustav got around much more, as he was a minister. Metropolitan, Michigan - Rock Island, Illinois - Duluth, Minnesota - Gardner, Massachusetts - Independance, Washington - then back to Mariehamn, Aland, Finland.

Looking forward to using this forum, and of corurse I would look forward to hearing from anyone having a connection.

25-05-05, 19:48
Hi and welcome to sfhs!
I just checked my UP dbase of Finnish born people and see a lot of your names so if you let me know what you might need to fill in holes, I can get that for you at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in Rock Island. Also can get a fc of the Reverend Oberg's service in a variety of churches in Augustana Synod.

EDIT: Go into delphi article collection at the top of the website page, write the term granskare into the search box and then you will find the listing for Metropolitan. That should help you on this - I only transcribed names of Finnish born members.

Chuck:) use my email for quicker responses: granskare at netexpress.net

25-05-05, 21:39
Hello Mark.
I found you and your Åvist (Ovist) family in the book Nybyggarna på Åvist och deras ättlingar Del 1. Written by Emil Åman in 1982. (Tab 71, p.135)
Hälsn. Christina

Mark Sundstrom
31-05-05, 18:59
Great, getting some responces back pretty quickly.

I found some new information in the church records from Chuck. (Sent you an E-mail to the address you suggested). Excellent.


You say "I" am actually in this book? How would I get a hold of it? Is it in English? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

31-05-05, 19:10
Hello Mark

Write to:

Nykarlebynejdens släkt- och bygdeforskare
c/o Stig Haglund
Högbackavägen 11
66900 Nykarleby

I think Emils son Leif is a member of this society
The book I have is written in swedish.


31-05-05, 19:43
Hello Mark

I have scanned some tabels from the book for you. Can I send them by e-mail? Your adress?
I found Leifs e-mail adress: leiman*pp.nic.fi

You and I are "relatives" too. But our common descendant was born 1708.


Mark Sundstrom
01-06-05, 18:52
Hi Christina,

I would greatly appreciate this information. You can send an E-mail to masundstrom*msn.com.

1708? That would make us about 15th cousins :) Most people don't even know who all of their great grandparents were. Sad, actually.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

01-06-05, 20:02
Hello my 5th cousin Mark
I have sent you the copies from the book.
Hälsningar Christina

Jim Bailey
02-06-05, 23:59
Hi, Third Cousin Mark -----

Glad you jumped aboard this List. Was nice of you to mention me in your original letter.

I think you'll find the List to be very helpful and also somewhat addicting. What a bunch of wonderful, kind, and sharing people! Have you tried TALKO yet? It's a wonderful combination of "everyone's research", and I must admit I copy materials copiously.

I think you need to write to Hasse Nygård to indicate your interest and to get ID and password.

Hope to finally meet you and the family at the lake this summer.

All the best,


Mark Sundstrom
03-06-05, 19:11

Got the copies you sent me from the book you mentioned. I'm going to send an E-mail to Lief tonight, to see what I can do to get a copy of the book. I'm still trying to understand all of the information. I just noticed (but haven't read) the last E-mail you sent me.

You mentioned your English wasn't good, but I have to disagree. I was just thinking that I need to learn some Swedish, and was going to look for a dictionary to translate. You're reading my mind. Must be some connection :)

I'll start by looking up "Hälsningar". I probably need some serious help.



Thanks for pointing out this forum to me. It took me a while, but you gave me soooo much information, that it left me dumbfounded for about a month. I can see that I'm going to have to get into this TALKO database? as well. At the moment, I'm keeping pretty interested just looking about in this forum. That's next though.

The Lake sounds like fun.

Tim Oberg
12-06-07, 09:01
Hi There,

I am Tim Oberg, great-great grandson of Jacob Avist, great-grandson of Gustav Oberg, grandson of Rudolph Oberg, son of Jan Oberg, and father to Jackson Oberg. I found Mark's posts here and he has contacted me in the past about my heritage as we are connected by Gustav and his sister Anna Ovist who is Mark's great-grandmother (or grandmother). I know that Gustav and Anna also had two other brothers, John J. Ovist and Matt Ovist. I would love to know more about Gustav. I know that he was married at least twice. The second time I believe was to Ida in 1921. She died in 1930 and I believe is buried in Centralia, Washington. Soon after she died I believe Gustav moved back to Alem, Lemland, Finland. I know that Gustav had a few children, one of which was my grandfather Rudolph who died in 1964. Rudolph stayed in the US when Gustav went back to Finland. Rudolph's brother Carl moved back to Finland with Gustav and I was in contact with him for many years until he died in the late 1990's. I know that Rudolph and Carl had a sister whose name I believe was Miriam. There was another sibling also who died as an infant. Anyway, if you know anything more about my family, I would love to hear about it!

Thank you! Tim Oberg (44, Portland, Oregon USA)

Jim Bailey
12-06-07, 17:51
Hi, Tim ----

I have added the information from your note today to my genealogy files. The program tells me we are 10th cousins.

I'd write more, but we leave tommorow for ten days of fishing on the Au Sable River in northern Michigan ... so I'm a bit pressed for time right now.

Will write more when I get back.

All the best,

Jim Bailey
A Finland-Swede exiled to the flat cornfields of central Indiana

15-06-07, 20:06
I found you and your Oberg (Åvist )family in the book Nybyggarna på Åvist och deras ättlingar Del 1. Written by Emil Åman in 1982. (Tab 65, p.132).
Tabel 63 is about Gustav Jakobsson Åvist your great grandfather. I know Mark tried to buy this book some years ago, I don´t know if he got it.
I will send you some more info on e-mail.

Christina Nordback