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June Pelo
26-05-05, 02:03
Norden newspaper has this query about Axel Adrian Hermans, b. 1 Apr 1885 as a twin in Sideby. He went to America 1903 and lived in Gardner, MA at 5 Greenwood. His twin brother was Viktor Eliel Hermans who died 30 Apr 1923, US. Arne Böhling is searching for information on Axel. Viktor Hermans was part of Arne's wife's family.

Contact Arne Böhling
Bobergsvägen 1 H
68630 Jakobstad,

e-mail: arne.bohling*multi.fi


26-05-05, 03:14
I've checked several places at Swenson without luck so these guys didn't attend church.
It's up to Jeanette and Kevin and other online wizards to find them.


Karen Norwillo
26-05-05, 19:34
I wasn't able to find much new under either name, Hermans or Gustafson. Per the Institute of Migration, Viktor did arrive at Boston on the SS Columbia. His passport says he was married with 4 children, left behind in Finland. Awfully young at 20 to have 4 children. Also says he's a farmer's son.

LoriAnn Pawlik
27-05-05, 05:35
Hi June,
I posted a bit of info on this guy from Arne's request on the Finland Genealogy board - probably a couple of weeks ago. He obviously hasn't checked back. Perhaps it isn't who he was looking for after all.
Have a good evening,
Lori :)

June Pelo
27-05-05, 17:37
Thanks to all for searching. I saw the query in the newspaper and thought I'd try to spread the word around.