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28-05-05, 21:25

I noticed ppl from Finland and Sweden and elsewhere so maybe useful to somebody?

I've spotted several from Åland while looking into things.

Mattson, Simon Oscar 27 Oct 1883 W dad lives Jeppo Draka Finland Fairbanks AK
Hey! Draka :)
Many parish names are really fractured and unfortunately a lot of guys are just listed as from Finland.
If you have somebody lost in Alaska, he could be here. I've seen birth years as early as 1876 listed.


Ingemar Ekman
13-09-08, 14:15
Hi Chuck,
Some of the people from Åland I found on the web site you informed about:
Augustin, Karl 26 Nov 1889 W Manahamm Finland Cordova
Carlson, Alarik 23 Aug 1890 W Marehomu Olau Finland Fairbanks
Carlson, Carl Evert 14 Jul 1891 W Marieham Finland Ruby
Dahlblom, Carl 28 Apr 1892 W Mareahamn Finland Valdez
Henrkson, John A. 14 Jun 1887 W Clan Finland Russia McCarthy
Carlson, Matthias William 6 Nov 1893 W Oland Finland Ruby
Carlson, Theodore 15 May 1890 W Mareahamn Finland Juneau
Rosenblad, Otto Anselm 10 Jul 1890 W Kumlenge Finland Russia Ketchikan
Danileson, Gustave Mauristz 6 Mar 1888 W Aland Finland McCarthy
More details about them are recorded in the book "Finns Swedes and Norwegians in the Alaska World War I Draft Registrations 1917-1918" by Timothy Laitila Vincent
Maria Enckell gave me this book last summer. I got also her book "Documenting the legacy of the Alaska Finns from the Russian period"