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01-06-05, 01:15
Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in town has acquired the 13cd set from ancestry so if anybody has an emigrant whose arrival info is blank, post the name of the emigrant(s) here and I will get to it as soon as I can.
I have not seen the cd yet so I think you will want to give birthdate, from where in Finland they came, etc.

EDIT: The cds are organized by year:


So, the year of emigration is important.


Karen Norwillo
01-06-05, 03:16
Chuck, I've been searching for the arrival of my paternal grandfather and his brother without luck for years.
Gabriel Mikonpoika Sulasalmi 18 Dec 1869 Kuolajärvi (Salla). Issued passport May 1891 in Oulu. First destination was Manistee.
Matti Alarik Mikonpoika Sulasalmi 1 July 1864 Kuolajärvi. Died in USA 1892, no idea where. I don't know if they travelled together. Good luck, Karen

01-06-05, 19:44
Hi Chuck
I am the in third generation who has tried to get information about my great grandfather who emigraterd in 1889. Not even his brother's son's son Vern in Seattle knows anything about him.

I am looking for Gustav (or Gustaf) Johansson Portin, born in Pedersöre May 2nd 1851. He was a blacksmith when he left Finland.

I know this is a long shot, but you never know.


01-06-05, 22:32

I have a relative who I cannot find. He is Johannes (John) abrahamson Pundars (do not know which surname he used at arrival) born May 9, 1857 in Mustasaari (Korsholm) (Vasa). In 1896 he and his wife Edla Isaksdotter Hoijar born March 7, 1863 in Karkmo, Mustasaari went for America...


Kenneth Sundbom
02-06-05, 12:10
Hi Chuck.

Seven of my great grandmothers siblings emigrated to North America:
(Their family name may be Vidjeskog, Widjeskog, Vikstrom, Vickstrom, Wikstrom, Wickstrom, Carlsson, Karlsson.)

- Maria Karlsdotter Vidjeskog. Born 16.08.1847 in Terjärv. To America 1880.
(I have information about 5 children and 16 grand children, living in Finland and USA)

- Anders Karlsson Vidjeskog. Born 22.10.1856 in Terjärv. Married in America.

- Johanna Karlsdotter Vidjeskog. Born 25.03.1860 in Terjärv. Died 28.05.1898 in America.

- Alexander Karlsson Vidjeskog. Born 08.02.1864 in Terjärv. To America 1886.

- Karl Karlsson Vidjeskog. Born 02.02.1866 in Terjärv. Died 25.02.1893.
Found him as ”Karl Widjeskog” in Ellis Island 11.04.1892 (pID=604031100186).
His destination was WhiteCloud Hub ?.

- Matilda Karlsdotter Vidjeskog. Born 19.05.1868 in Terjärv. Died 07.03.1903 in America.

- Johan Alfred Karlsson Vidjeskog Vikström. Born 29.07.1871 in Terjärv. Died 08.03.1939 in Terjärv. Married 04.12.1897 to Amanda Selina Storrank, born 28.04.1876 in Terjärv, died 14.05.1937 in Terjärv.
Found him and family in Ellis Island 16.08.1911 and 21.12.1916.
According to passenger lists he had lived in America since 1890 and the adress was 2799-8 Av, New York, NY.
(I have information about 5 children and 3 grand children, living in Finland)


Chuck, it was a generous offer, but I don't want you to spent to much time on this family. The only thing I can say about the arrival time is: sometime between 1875 and 1890.

I have not found them in passport or passenger records.

The ship manifest image for Karl Widjeskog (line 186) will be found at
Now, when I read it again I understand that it says "White Cloud, Mich".

June Pelo
02-06-05, 18:13

According to my database, Maria Carlsdotter Vidjeskog, b. 16 Aug 1847, Terjärv, married in Terjärv 1 Jul 1870 to Anders Johansson Vidjeskog, b. 9 Jun 1844, Terjärv. I'll send you a private message with the address of their great grandson. He may have more data about the other names. Sometime the name was Vidjeskog and sometimes it appears as Widjeskog.

You mentioned Karl Karlsson, b. 1866, gone to White Cloud. That is probably White Cloud, Michigan.


03-06-05, 20:33
His destination was WhiteCloud Hub

I could not see the correct ship manifest image for Karl Widjeskog at Ellis Island.
Do you have a copy of that image to post here?
I am thinking to search church films here at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center and right now. My atlas shows a White Cloud in Michigan, Newaygo County so perhaps the "Hub" is somehow refering to the county name of Newaygo? I will see if I can find him at that church - probably not there but who knows.

Also do you have any information on American born children for AndersonVidjeskog, for Johanna Vidjeskog, for Matilda Vidjeskog? That will help me to narrow the search area because there are 13 cds:)

EDIT: nice you were able to find the correct image. :) so I will give the nearby church a try.

Belva Todd
04-06-05, 00:28
Chuck, What a generous offer - Thanks ahead. my record is a blank pretty much.
Looking for arrival on:

Herman Gustaf (Svahn) Svan, born 29 Jul l855 Kvevlax. Naturalization Intent papers give arrival date of June 1882, Port of New York.

later sent for wife and 2 children;
wife; Maria Jnodotter (Herrgard) Svan, born 3 Arp 1853; sons are 1. Gustaf Herman born 1 Apr 1878 and 2. Johannes(John) born 29 Nov 1881.Kvevlax again. Family Memiors says, arrived in New York, 21 days from England to US. arrived Wisconsin 12 Jul 1885.

all information I have. Thanks again

04-06-05, 01:58
I look forward to finding everybody:)

Now if you don't know the emigration year, then info such as birthyears of the youngest child born before emigration and birthyear of the oldest child born in USA will help to eliminate fruitless searches.
Any solid evidence like this is going to be very useful so do your best.

If you have more info, just edit your posting and add it because I will printout the entire thing Thursday evening of next week. I am carrying a current printout with me in case the cd computer is available before Friday.


07-06-05, 03:32
I am interested if you could find a listing for Henric Erlands, born 1868, arrived in America 1891. He was from Kristinestad, Finland. Thanks in advance!

07-06-05, 22:27
Hi Chuck,

This thread will keep you busy for some time, what a generous offer.

I'm looking for my paternal grandfathers arrival.

Johan Erik Karfsor
Born: January 31, 1869
Kvevlax (or Petsmo) Finland

I have a copy of his passport it is dated October 4, 1890 in Wasa.

Name on the passport is Johan Erik Johanson Karfsor.

His name was changed to Erik Johnson.

My 93 year old aunt told me that grandpa remembers her home being built in the summer of 1891, but from Oct 1890 to summer 1891 I don't have any information on where he was.

Thanks so much,


08-06-05, 01:22
Hi Chuck,

I'd like to see if my great-grandfather in on this NY immigration list:

Erik Lassila Sundquist (Sundqvist)
born: 22 Jan 1862, Esse Parish
immigration date (from the church record you sent me): 26 Feb 1888
possible destination: Negaunee, MI


08-06-05, 17:30
Hi Chuck. Thanks for offering the look ups.

My great grandfather Jaakko Porrasmaki born 14 May 1853 in Harja, Kauhajoki. The parish records in Kauhajoki record that Jaakko obtained a todistus (certificate) to emigrate to the USA on September 16, 1887.

Can you confirm either of these records and are they from the same source?

The following immigration record from the port of New York were obtained by Lori Pawlik from Springfield, Virginia from the Castle Garden search
The following two immigration records from the port of New York were obtained by Lori Pawlik from Springfield, Virginia from the Castle Garden search (which was the place where the immigrants landed before Ellis Island was established) , but it ties in with Ancestry.com (a pay for search genealogy site)

Name: Johann Porrasmaki
Arrival Date: 18 Sep 1888
Estimated Birth Year: 1848
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Cape, Hayti and Tonaives
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Russia
Ship Name: Fulda
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 12
Microfilm Roll: 525
List Number: 1275

Looking at the manifest, he was part of a group taken on board ship at Bremen. He was in the 'single men' compartment, a laborer, with 1 piece of baggage. He claimed to be a citizen of Russia.

This does not appear to be Jaakko as Johan is not a version of Johan or vice versa and birth date is 5 years too old although it is an estimated date. Place of origin is Russia, not Finland, although many Finns were called Russians in the immigration records as Finland was a Duchy of Russia at the time.

Name: Jaako P??a
Arrival Date: 14 Oct 1890
Estimated Birth Year: 1852
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Finland
Ship Name: Ems
Port of Arrival: New York
Line: 2
Microfilm Roll: 557
List Number: 1547

I looked at the original manifest. He is from Vasa region. In steerage, compartment 1. The name is fairly faded but it looks possibly like Jaako Paarosma???

This one is more likely as the age is about right, the name is right and he is from the Vaasa region.

08-06-05, 18:09
Hi Chuck
I'd like to know if my great-grandfather in on this NY immigration list. I've been searching for his arrival without luck.

I have found him in the passport records from Vasa 4.3.1896, (passport nr 379).
In the passenger records he left Finland from Hangö 7.3.1896 for the destination : Biwabik, MN, USA. He left Finland with the ship Urania and from England with the Allan line.
In the church-records in Jeppo he died 10 nov 1897, but we do´nt know were.

His name was Johannes Eriksson Åvist. He had changed the name to John Heikfolk in the passport record.
He was born 12 febr. 1854 in Åvist Purmo.
He left wife and six children in Jeppo. They didn´t hear anything from him after that.

Christina Nordback

08-06-05, 20:48
If you did not find him at Ellis Island, dates from 1892, then he probably arriveed at Boston or Philadelphia.

I will check for him at a couple churches near Biwabik, MN.
EDIT: I did not find him at the lutheran church in Eveleth or Virginia MN which are closest to Biwabik.


09-06-05, 00:19
Hi Christina,

The Allan Line was a Canadian steamship company, so there is a good chance your great-grandfather landed at Quebec or Montreal and crossed into the US at a Canadian land port of entry. Both my grandfather and grandmother came on an Allan Line steamship through Quebec on their way to Upper Michigan.


Elsie Carpenter
09-06-05, 17:04
Chuck, what a wonderful gesture on your part!

I am looking for my maternal grandfather's arrival in the U.S.

Anders Viktor Andersson Jansson Pehrs
b. September 26, 1872 from Pehrs, Ostenso, Pedersore
d. September 29, 1909 in the U.S.

The only personal record I have of him is his Certificate of Citizenship dated September 11, 1900, from Shoshone County, Idaho. He worked there as a miner. By then he had changed his name to Andrew Victor Johnson.

He married Ida Johanna Andersdotter Jossgark Sept. 29, 1900.

Many thanks!


June Pelo
10-06-05, 02:45
Shirley King's ancestors were Jossgårk - perhaps Ida Johanna was related to Shirley's grandfather.


10-06-05, 20:24
I will reply to each posting in order:
For everybody, these things are difficult and depend a lot on the transcriber which may well be located in Asia:

Karen: Not found as Sulasalmi or Mickelson.

Sune: No Portin found.

Ninne: I did not look because it is 1896 which is beyond 1891.

Kenneth: I thought it was going to be easy to find Vidjeskog, etc, but alas, A total wash out.

Belva: No Svahn, Svan, Swan, etc.

Annette: No Henric found. But maybe Charles J Erickson. He's listed with Norway as origin, arrival 8 May 1890 (not your 1891), age 22, aboard ship Majestic out of Liverpool. Likely not your guy.

Marcy: Not found.

JimF: I found this guy:
Erik Sundquist, age 27, destination Michigan, ship: Servia, arrival date 20 Feb 1889, departed from Liverpool.
check your pm -

Nevada43: No luck finding him in 87,88, or even 90.

Elsie: I think this guy arrived after 1891 because his 1900 citizenship date suggests that. I looked into 1890-91 and did not find him.

Belva Todd
10-06-05, 22:29
Hi Chuck, Can't Thank You enough for your efforts to help all of us. Have a Great weekend. Thanks again, Belva

Elsie Carpenter
10-06-05, 23:39
Chuck, many thanks for trying. I'll keep looking.

June, yes it happens that Shirley and I are cousins, her grandfather and my grandmother Ida Johanna were siblings. And I didn't know this until Shirley's sister Alice surprised me with an inquiry about family history. Genealogy study opens many doors!


Kenneth Sundbom
15-06-05, 12:13

Thanks for trying.

I will keep searching and one day I'll find them. Thanks again.

/Kenneth Sundbom/

15-06-05, 16:20
Thank you, Chuck, for your time. I knew the possibiblities were scarce.

Great grandpa could well be a "John Doe" on a Boot Hill somwhere. A pity if his story will be untold.


16-06-05, 21:38

I am very grateful if you could check a listing for Maria Josefina Järvi (eventually Johansdotter - Johansson or Johnson).

She was born on April 28, 1861 in Kälviä, Finland. According to Swedish passenger records she travelled to Duluth, Minnesota via Goteborg, Sweden.

This was in April or May 1887. Later she lived in Astoria, Oregon (there is a letter from her written 1908).

Maria had two sons (both born in US) and one of them died in France during WW1. Her husband was probably Norwegian.

Many thanks for your help! Helen

16-06-05, 22:06
Hello Chuck

Thank you for all helps you given me. I am still looking for more information about brothers Jacob and Henric Slotte. I hope you can find them in emigrant arrivals to NY.

Henric Johan-Henricsson Slotte born 6 May 1849 in Kronoby. In church book: away since 1871, to Amerika. His name was possibly Henry Johnson and lives in MI.

Jacob Johan-Henricsson Slotte born 25 April 1851 in Kronoby. In church book Jacob moved at 29 March 1879. His name in US was Jacob Johnson. He was in Muskegon MI, census 1900 and 1910.

Jacobs’s wife, Hilda Antonia Österlund was born at 17 December 1865 in Saltvik, Åland. They get married about 1887. She had to come before 1888, when the triples born in Muskegon.


17-06-05, 20:33
I did not find anybody named Jarvi that fit. I don't know when those other names fit but I took it to mean she traveled as a Jarvi.

I did not find anybody named Slotte traveling nor Osterlund.

For all searches, I used soundex and even searched by given names. Misspellings by transcribers are common so maybe I just missed them or they might have landed at Boston or Philadelphia.


19-06-05, 19:02
Thank you, Chuck, for trying. My gg aunt is not easy to find. I appreciate your help very much!


20-06-05, 16:13
Thank you Chuck for looking. He seems to have just materialized in N. America.

22-06-05, 08:59

Thanks for trying. I have noticed that many had change name to Johnson from many countries.


23-06-05, 19:51

C.H. Erlands, age 22 from Lappfjärd, departed Göteborg Aug 23, 1872 to Grand Rapids. Not yours but hey, I couldn't resist reporting him:)



June Pelo
23-06-05, 20:33

I have data on the parents of your Henrik and Jakob Slotte from Kronoby. Do you already have data on this family in Finland? If not, send me your e-mail address and I can send the data to you. There were 11 children in that family and Henrik and Jakob were the youngest. I don't have any information about them in the US.


23-06-05, 21:21
If those given names are of interest, I will put the scan online in this thread for you.

Then you will also see the problems reading west coast church records.


29-06-05, 19:37
I went back into the 1890-91 cd for NY arrivals and searched May 1891 for Finland ppl.
This is what I found so maybe your guy?

I think this Lena traveling with him might tell the story.


Karen Norwillo
30-06-05, 03:06
Thanks, Chuck. I'll check it out. Ignore my private message. I read yours before I saw this post. Karen

Karen Norwillo
30-06-05, 03:44
Chuck, I checked on Ancestry.com, it looks like this Gabriel died in Louisiana in 1922. My grandfather would have been 20 or 21 in 1890 and I have no idea who Lena might have been. The one who died in '22 would match the age of the one you found. Thanks. I was hoping. Karen

30-06-05, 06:36
Sorry this wasn't him - he likely arrived at Boston.


13-07-05, 14:08
Hi Granskare!

I have been looking for a passenger record of an anscestor with the above name who emigrated to the USA in 1868. Could you give it a try?

Otto was born in Sweden may 7, 1835.


13-07-05, 22:13
Otto Jonson, arrived 19 June 1868
age 33, estimated birth year of 1835
ship Erin out of Liverpool to NY.

Listed as from Germany on the manifest but the names around him appear to be Swedish so maybe he is yours.


14-07-05, 12:17
Many thanks granskare!

Ann Rousseau
22-07-10, 07:03
If those given names are of interest, I will put the scan online in this thread for you.

Then you will also see the problems reading west coast church records.


Johannes Slottee was my grandfather and his daughter Viola Birgette Johanna Slottee Clark is still living at the Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Home in Tacoma, WA. She is 98. We still have cousins living in Kronoby and Turko (Abo) and Helsinki. They are the children of Ruth and Gunnar (?) Slottee. You can email me at ann*allenpoint.com for more infomation.