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04-06-05, 22:16
Hi Merja,

You asked earlier for emigration records for Bastubacka, Backa. It is not possible to reply to the archived thread so I must open a new thread.

There might be a possible candidate on the S.S Paris from Southampton arriving at New York, April 18th 1896. According to the text manifest he would be passenger 427.
Bak..., Antti

but the conventional search result points to a wrong original manifest. The right manifest can be found using Steve Morse's ´Missing manifests´ search option http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/eidb/mm.htm .

Series Roll Frame
M237 657 205

His age is written as 37. If the notation is based on a Finnish handwritten document it might have been mixed with 34.

His stated destination was Atlanta. There were several other passengers from Finland listed on the same page.