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06-06-05, 14:34
For the next Leväläbook Bärssläkten 2 I need some more information about this family:
I do´nt know if all the children used the name Ekola. Can anyone give me advice where I can found the missing names and dates. I have tried to write to Amandas grandchildren but didn´t got any answer (found an adress from the phonebook)

Mietala Isak Isaksson (Isaac Ekola in Amerika). Miner.
Born 12.11.1857 in Mäenpää, Alahärmä. Baptised 15.11.1857. Died 06.08.1897 in Ishpeming, Michigan, USA.
Family emigrated in America 1887
Father Huhtaluoma, Isak Isaksson.
Mother Lågväg, Brita Lisa Simonsdotter. Born 03.12.1834 in Lågväg, Ytterjeppo, Nykarleby.

Married 20.12.1878 in Alahärmä to

Friman (Knock), Maria Jakobsdotter.
Born 11.07.1856 Knock, Ytterjeppo. Died 13.06.1950 in Gwinn, MI, USA.
She emigrated in America 1887, lived in Ishpeming until 1948 when she moved to daughter Hilda in Gwinn.She was the last surviving charter member of the Bethel Lutheran church.
Father: Friman, Jakob Andersson. Born 04.04.1834 in Ytterjeppo. Died 30.11.1925 in Nykarleby. Mother: Knock el. Laggar, Maria Sofia Isaksdotter. Born 11.06.1832 Knock, Ytterjeppo. Died 01.01.1869 Knock, Ytterjeppo.

Ekola, Lisa Adolfina Isaksdotter. Born 24.02.1879 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Died 17.08.1883 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Cause of death: Scharlakansfeber.

Ekola, Matts Isaksson. Born 27.01.1881 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Died 22.02.1881 in Alahärmä.

Ekola, Johan Isaksson. Born 16.05.1882 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Died 08.08.1883 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Cause of death: Scharlakansfeber.

Ekola, Sanna Maja Isaksdotter. Born 23.07.1884 in Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Emigrated with the parents 1887 to America. Died before 1950. The date of death? Was she married?
I found this :
Raittiuskansan kalenteri : Indexes compiled by Rev. Les E. Niemi, Obituaries, Ekola, Sanna Maria Ishpeming MI 1902:166.
Kirkollinen kalenteri: Ruona, Sanna M. nee Ekola Ishpeming MI 1957:201

Ekola, Liisa (Lizzie) Adolfina Isaksdotter. Born 20.01.1886 in Ekola, Heikkilä, Alahärmä. Died before 1968. Emigrated 1887 to America. Recided in the Seattle area in her first marriage?? Recided at Butte MT in 1950. The date of death?

Married 1st to Anderson,. His first name? Date of birth and death and marriages?
Married 2nd in Butte, MT, USA to Salo,. His first name? Date of birth and death and marriages?

Ekola, Hilda Sofia Isaksdotter. Born 28.08.1888 in Ishpeming, MI, USA. Emigrated with the parents 1887 to America.Died in a heart attack 04.12.1968 in Ishpeming, MI, USA. She had two daughters in her first marriages, Eleanor and Selma. Recided in Gwinn, MI in 1950 when her mother died. Her second husband Henry had a daughter Aina, married to William DuPlessis. She had no children in her second marriages. She died at home on 659 E. Division St. Ishpeming, Michigan. Information about Eleanor and Selma???

Married 1st to Mills,. His first name? Date of birth and death and marriages?
Married 2nd in Ishpeming, MI, USA to Koivisto, Henry. Miner. Born 20.09.1883 in Etseri. Died 12.06.1961 in Ishpeming, Michigan, USA.

Ekola, Anna Isaksdotter. Born 15.11.1889 in Ishpeming, MI, USA. Died 22.01.1979. Had no children. Resided at Brea CA in 1950, in Newberry MI in 1968. (Did she died in In Copper Harbor, Keweenaw Mi or 49913 Calumet, Houghton, MI???)

Married to Goudge, ?. His first name? Date of birth and death and marriages?

Ekola, Amanda Isaksdotter. Born 27.12.1893 in Ishpeming, MI, USA. Died 31.05.1982. Recided at Calumet MI in 1950, in Detroit in 1968. Had 5 children Margaret, Donald, Hazel, Paul and Clyde. Did she died in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan?

Married to Makolin, William. His first name? Date of birth and death and marriages?

Ekola, Victor. Date of birth and death?
Ekola, Joseph. Date of birth and death?
Ekola, Emil. Date of birth and death?
Ekola, Mary. Date of birth and death?
Ekola, Selma. Date of birth and death?

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Christina Nordback

06-06-05, 17:49
found at: Swenson S 27-3 = Iron Co, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran (merged with Swedish to form United Lutheran)
Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi. Church

9h Henrik Ekola Jan 15 1865 Töysä 1887 S 27-3
9w Josefina Hautamäki Jul 24 1866 Kauhava 1892 S 27-3
32h Aleksi Kaaponp Ekola Jul 12 1858 Töysä 1894 S 27-3
32w Kustaava Miina Nov 6 1861 Töysä 1895 S 27-3
32d Anna Kaisa Jun 10 1884 Töysä 1895 S 27-3
32s Matti Viktori Apr 26 1886 Töysä 1895 S 27-3
57h Otto Jakonp. Reisbacka or Ekola Feb 22 1877 Ekolankylä Alahärmä 1901 S 27-3
57w Sanna Maria Ryssberg 1876 Ekolankylä Alahärmä 1902 S 27-3
57d Jenny Susanna Oct 31 1899 Ekolankylä Alahärmä 1902 S 27-3
These are all the Ekola people,with Finnish born family members. You can view them also in delphi, put granskare into the search and then scroll down for Iron County. That's where I found them and if you want to look for Ishpeming area people, go to the Marquette County listing.
You have a big listing - I go down to Swenson tomorrow morning so I will see if I can find somebody else for you.

06-06-05, 19:32
Thank you Chuck.
The Ekola people from the Iron county do not belong to my family.
I looked in the Marquette County listing, but couldn´t find anything.
I think the younger children died young, because when mother Maria died in 1950, survivors are 4 daughters, 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren (from Mining Journal, Marquette, MI. June 14, 1950 page 10)


06-06-05, 21:56
Those Ekola people from Iron County were those who were on the membership list and I put them here just in case somebody there fit you.
You mention that the mother was the last surviving charter member of Bethel Lutheran so I cannot search it because it is a Suomi Synod church.

I notice a Seattle reference and because a Swedish lutheran is on the finngen list, I will look at that place. Maybe I will find some marriage information. I think also I might find emigration details as well so if you have specific information you want, send me an email: granskare (at) netexpress.net


Karen Norwillo
07-06-05, 00:06
There are 18 people buried in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Crystal Falls with the Ekola surname and 19 with the Eckola spelling. My uncle Nicholas Eckola is one of them. There is a Sanna Marie Ekola who died June 2, 1933. Karen

Karen Norwillo
07-06-05, 02:45
I did abit more searching and found Anne Goudge born 15 Nov 1889, died 22 Jan 1979 in Calumet, Houghton, MI. I also found her in the MI Death Index, same info, but here it says she died in Columbus, Luce, MI.
I also found her on the 1930 Census in Lompoc, Santa Barbara, CA. Goudge, John, head, age 65, married first time at 25, born Canada/English, no occupation.
Goudge, Anna, wife, age 39, married at 38, born Michigan, parents Finland, no occupation.
CA Death Index has John Wick Goudge, born 15 Apr 1864 Canada and died 12 Jan 1946 in Orange, CA
I went back and found John Goudge on the 1900 and 1910 census in Negaunee, Marquette, MI with his first wife and daughters.
1900 census, Negaunee, Marquette, MI
Goudge, John W, born Apr 15, 1865, age 35, married 10 yrs. born Eng. Canada, stationary ? given as occupation
Wife Laura, Oct 11,1868, 31, MI, 2 children
Olive, July 2?, 1891, 8, MI
Stella, June 17, 1893, 6, MI
1910 census, same place, he's 46, a master mechanic in the iron ore mine. Laura is 41 and the girls are now 18 and 16.
1930 census for Ishpeming on 118 E. Superior ST is Mills, Henry, age 45, married at 22, Finland, US 1902, no occupation
Mills, Hilda S, age 41, married at 19, MI, laundress
Also, on S. Fourth St which is close to E. Superior, is
Koivisto, Henry, age 46, married at 19, Finland, to US 1905, iron miner. Wife Amalia, age 48, married at 21, Finland, US 1912.
Hopes this helps. Karen

07-06-05, 09:50
Thank you Karen. This was good news.


Karen Norwillo
07-06-05, 23:09
More info:
1930 Census Franklin St. Larium, Houghton, MI
Maklin, William, 37, married at 24, born MI, parents Finland, carpenter copper mine
Wife Amanda, 34, married at 21, MI
Margaret, 12, MI
Donald, 10, MI
Hazel, 8, MI
Gordon, 6, MI
Milton, 2 8/12 MI
Amanda Makolin 27 Dec 1895, died 31 Jan 1982 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.
Hazel Makolin 13 Apr 1922, died May 1985 in Garden City, Wayne, MI. residence Detroit
Paul G. Makolin 23 Nov 1923, died 9 Mar 1990 in Farmington Hills, Oakland, MI. residence Detroit.
Donald Makolin, 9 Nov 1919, died Oct 1985 in Redford, Wayne, MI
Clyde M Makolin 16 June 1927, died 4 Sep 1993 Calumet or Larium, Houghton, MI SSDI AND MI Death Index differ. This probably is Milton on the 1930 census, age matches. Clyde Milton ???
Gordon P Makolin no date of birth, from census abt. 1924, date of death 9 Mar 1990 in MI.

08-06-05, 22:06
Not found and I looked for Anderson marriages, Ekola and Anderson memberships, etc and even Isaacson but nothing at all.

Maybe in a Finnish language church?


08-06-05, 23:39
Thank you Chuck. I think they were a Finnish speaking family.
.................................................. ...........
About the daughter Sanna Maja Isaksdotter Ekola born 23.07.1884. She was dead 1950. It could be my Sanna who died June 2, 1933, buried in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Crystal Falls .
But it could also be her obit in this temperance almanac= Raittiuskansan kalenteri(=temperance almanac): Indexes compiled by Rev. Les E. Niemi, Obituaries, Ekola, Sanna Maria Ishpeming MI 1902:166
Can you search in the temperance almanac of Ishpeming ?

Christina Nordback

09-06-05, 00:23
Possibly temperance almanac of Ishpeming could be found at the Finnish Center in Hancock, Michigan.

Is that where you found the information?