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07-06-05, 02:28
(This was received at the SFHS offices. I've suggested he join Finlander in order to read your contributions. Syrene)

Not many American jazz musicians of the 20s played both trumpet, clarinet
and saxophone. Not many of them composed a song that is still part of the
“standard” repertoire. Above all: not many of them were of Finnish descent!

But there was one man who combined all these things: multi-instrumentalist
Einar Swan (1903-40), composer of “When your lover has gone”, which has been
recorded by more than 300 artists, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra among

It is difficult to obtain information on Einar Swan. His parents were
Finnish and he was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Does anyone know more?
I am very interested indeed.

June Pelo
07-06-05, 20:44

I posted that query on Finngen a month ago and got this reply from Harold Kjellman - I sent it on to Mr. Bjerstedt in Sweden:

Einar Swanson Birth Date:13 Apr 1898 Death Date:Nov 1981 Social Security Number: 022-03-2138 Massachusetts Actual Death
Residence:Masschusetts Death
Residence Localities Zip Code:02154

Have a good day,
Harold (JOHANSSON)Kjellman

Also, Norden newspaper on 12 May 2005, page 4 has an article about Einar Swan. I posted it on Finlander a few weeks ago. The article also included Warner Sallman.

Someone suggested that Einar Swan may have belonged to a musicians union and perhaps they would know more.


09-06-05, 23:10
Here's hoping Mr. Bjerstedt's on Finlander now.:)