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07-06-05, 03:44
This may be a bit of a long shot. I am interested in finding information on Charles Erickson. (My great grandfather Axel Erlands brother) He was born in Kristinestad, Finland October 24, 1870. His name was Carl Johan Ericsson Erlands. When he came to America in 1891 he changed his name to Charles Johnson Erickson. He died in 1899 at 29 years of age of "consumption" and my grandmother told me he donated his body to Gross Medical College in Colorado, then later he was buried in "Fairmont Cemetery" (was written on a piece of paper in an old photo album). Since he died so long ago, my grandma never met him and doesn't really know anything about him, like if he ever married, etc. I've searched quite a few different things, and I cannot find a cemetery listing, or any record of him at all anywhere. I'm very interested if he was married, had children, or anything about him at all. I even thought of writing to the Colorado University of Medicine to see if there is any record at all of his name, but since that was 1899 that he died, I rather doubt they would have a listing of him. It seems like if anyone would know anything about him it would be me, but I'm stumped!

07-06-05, 04:31
Charles Johnson Erickson might have been a member of a church when he first came to this country. I could check at Swenson Swedish Immigration Center tomorrow.
I will also look for him amongst the NY arrivals along with Henric Erlands this coming Friday.