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Karen Norwillo
09-06-05, 23:49
Have a question regarding name of Anna Andersdotter Sparf or Sparv, which is correct? Also, her date of death, from info given to me previously, I, and most others on Talko, have 18 Apr 1767.Also, on her husband, Carl Eriksson Mattbäck, I notice I transcribed his date of death incorrectly. I have corrected on my Roots Magic. Will submit a new GedCom soon with all my additions and corrections. Thanks, Karen

June Pelo
10-06-05, 02:38

I have a lot of Sparf names in my database, so I think the preferred spelling is Sparf. I noticed that sometimes v was used instead of f (and sometimes used together) in names such as Svarvar/Svarfvar.


Karen Norwillo
10-06-05, 03:25
Thanks, June. I kind of figured it was something like that. I had gotten the original info from you a few years ago. Karen

10-06-05, 19:16
In the hiski database Sparf in Nederesse (Ytteresse) is written Sparv, Sparfv Sparw , and mostly Sparf.
I had Annas date of death 10 apr. 1767 taken from the hiski, buried 22.4 1767. Ulla Lassfolk has in the copies I got from her Annas date of death 20 apr.1765.
I have no possibility to check the curch records now. I know there are many misstakes in the hiski
( http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?en ), so I will check it later.

Christina Nordback