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10-06-05, 09:08
Hi all!

Need help with the following guy:

Oswald Nyqvist who changed his name to Oksala, son of Julia Reinsch and Ferdinand Nyqvist from Suonenjoki Finland, born about 1898 emigrated to Boston - when?

He married Jenny ? and they got three sons: Raymond, Oswald and Herbert.

Do anybody know anything about this family?

Gunnel Marus

LoriAnn Pawlik
10-06-05, 17:59
Hi Gunnel,
I found this family. The names Raymond & Herbert match, plus the parent's are from Finland and there is a mention of Massachusetts.

1930 US Census
Southampton, Suffolk, New York

Gunnar Oksala,39, b. abt 1891 Finland Head
Hilja Oksala, 36, b. abt 1894 Finland Wife
Francis Oksala, 14, b. abt 1916 New Jersey Son
Raymond Oksala , 13, b. abt 1917 Massachusetts Son
Herbert Oksala, 9, b. abt 1921 Massachusetts Son

They rent their house for $10, Gunnar first married at age 24, Hilja at age 21. They both immigrated in 1912 - Gunnar submitted papers, Hilja has alien status. Gunnar is a dredge operator. (I have Dutch relatives that immigrated to this county - it was known for its oysters.)

1920 US Census
Dorchester, Boston Township, Suffolk, Massachusetts
8 Jan. 1920
living at 41 Richfield Street
Gunnar, 28, immigrated 1912, papers, Finland Finnish, shipfitter in shop
Hilja, 26, immigrated 1912, papers, FInland Finnish
Francis, 4 2/12, b. New Jersey
Raymond, 2 8/12, b. Massachusetts

Have a great day,
Lori Pawlik

Karen Norwillo
10-06-05, 19:24
Gunnel, I, too, found the same info. Is Oswald his full name? Seems like an unusual Finnish first name. I checked both Oksala and Nyquist and found no entries for an Oswald, but found many mentions of a Jenny, Herbert and Raymond under Nyquist. Karen

11-06-05, 08:33
Hi Lori and Karen!

Great!! Many thanks for the info! This must be right family. In my papers the name Oswald is crossed out and someone has written Gunnar instead.
I Hilja his wife or his sister? Who is Jenny?

Actually I am more interested in Gunnars mothers father who was Ernst Gottlieb Reinsh, born in Poland/Germany Silecia 1836. He came to Finland abt. 1875. For now it seems to be almost impossible to get more info from Germany because I need a more exact birthplace than Silecia.
That is why I now try to contact the relatives in USA.


Karen Norwillo
11-06-05, 20:00
Gunnel, Both census have Hilja listed as his wife. SSDI shows the deaths of Hilja Oksala, born 5 Aug 1893, died Oct 1984 in Hampton Bays, Suffolk, NY. There is also a Raymond Oksala, born 31 Mar 1971, died July 1975 in Georgia. I'll try to do some more checking to see if I can come up with a possible living relative.
I sent you a private message. If the info I found is current, both Francis and Herbert are still alive. Karen