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K-G Molander
14-06-05, 03:17
How do I understand "Helga pyyhitty yli" as it is found in Lappajärvi parish birth records dated 21 Feb 1713?

The childs name is "Anna" and the mothers name in this entry is written as "Helena (Helga pyyhitty yli) Hind:d:r."

For all other children the mothers name is Helena Henrichsdotter.

Thank you.

Hasse Andtbacka
14-06-05, 15:05
Hello from Kronoby,

Someone made a mistake, wrote Helga as mother's name. A correction was made by crossing over Helga and writing Helena instead. In Swedish: Helena (Helga överstruket) Hind:d:r.

Hasse A