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14-06-05, 09:04
What does Coca-Cola's Santa have in common with Finland?

Haddon Sundblom studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, then opened his studio on the 1920’s. In 1930 Coca-Cola asked him to create something for Christmas. And the American Santa Claus was born. Haddon’s father was from Åland.

<A href="http://finlander.eget.net/bilder/exhibit/A11_Art_Archi_Santa.jpg" target="_blank" border="0"><img src="http://finlander.eget.net/bilder/exhibit/01_haddon_sundblom.png"></a>

The exhibition page can bee seen by clicking the picture

Kenneth Sundbom
15-06-05, 12:04
More information about him here:

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Ingemar Ekman
13-12-06, 19:47
The Christmas Stamp 2007 from Åland will be one of Haddon’s paintings. More information in Swedish at http://www.posten.ax/files/Frimrksprogram07_del1.pdf

I have tried to find information about Haddon’s mother Karin “Caroline” Andersson / Andersdotter born in Feb 1863 in Sweden. She died the 13th of Feb 1913 and was buried in Muskegon in the Lakeside Cemetery, married about 1894 to Karl Wilhelm Sundblom b 28 Sep 1845 in Föglö, Åland. Karl Wilhelm died 17 Jun 1925 in Chicago.

On the CD Emibas I found 3 possible matches for Haddons mother
Andersdotter, Josefina Karolina b 20 Feb 1863 in Angelstad, Kronoberg, emigr 12 Oct 1887
Andersdotter, Karolina Gustava b 25 Feb 1863 in Gullabo, Kalmar, emigr 24 May 1886
Andersdotter, Karolina b 6 Feb 1863 in Nysund, Värmland, emigr 9 May 1882

Åland Emigrant Institute will have an exhibition about Haddon next autumn and looking for more information about him especially about his mother.

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Ingemar Ekman
02-02-07, 17:37
The Swedish newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet" had a long article about Haddon's Santa Claus and Coca Cola, published 25 January this year. Link to the article: http://www.svd.se/dynamiskt/kultur/did_14493336.asp

// Ingemar

Ingemar Ekman
23-11-07, 17:29
The vernissage "Haddon Sundblom & Santa Claus" opened yesterday 23 Nov at Åland Island's Museum and will continue to Jan 13 2008. Åland Island Emigrant Institute arranged this exhibition. Articles in Swedish about the vernissage with some photos were published in the local newpapers:




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Sandy Witt
26-11-07, 01:36

Thank you for the articles and photos about the "Haddon Sundblom & Santa Claus" exhibit in Mariehamn. I did not know this about the "American" Santa Claus.

And I was happy to see a photo of Hjördis Sundblom and Eva Meyer, two wonderful ladies. Eva has sent me several documents about the Ålands emigrantinstitut since I visited there in 2004.

Best regards,
Sandy Johnson Witt