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21-09-03, 05:50
Hi listers,
I have long felt that the history of emigration lies hidden away in chests and bureau drawers at "home" in Finland. All those letters written to parents and friends from American, Australia, Africa! Torbjörn Nikus has written several interesting articles for Vasabladet from letters he has collected. They were written by the "Vörå Boys" as they mined in Michigan and Montana, and cut redwoods in California. I find his material fascinating.

My hope would be that more people with emigrants in their families might begin to search out the remnants of letters sent home to Finland. When compiled, the many brief bits of information reveal what life was like one hundred years ago, as Swedish-Finns struggled in new climates, new jobs, new languages.

SFHS would love to archive xerox copies of those letters. In another 100 years, researchers will find them invaluable.