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14-06-05, 11:38
Anders Myhrman, born in Purmo 1888, emigrated to America with his family. Professor Myhrman taught at Bates College in Maine, and after he retired, culminated 30 years of researching Swedish Finn organisations and destinies by publishing ”Finlandssvenskar i Amerika”, in 1971. His collection of oral histories, letters and articles are archived at Åbo Akademi’s library.

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The exhibition page can bee seen by clicking the picture

June Pelo
14-06-05, 17:11
I'm sure the SFHS archive also has a copy of Myhrman's book.


09-03-06, 04:58
Has anyone done a "person index" to Myhrman's book ? One does exist for his bio collection at the library.

The book does have a "places index"; but, looking up names requires a page by page search.

I'm not suggesting myself for the project; but it would be a labor of love !


June Pelo
09-03-06, 22:20
Finngen has this reference to his work: