View Full Version : Finnish born people who served in Australian Services in WWI

14-06-05, 11:58
Dr Elena Govor the author of a new book Russian Anzacs in Australian History, has also set up an internet site which both complements her latest book and takes her research further www.russiananzacs.narod.ru lists Finnish born Anzacs. The site is still being developed as the WW1 files at the National Archives haven't all gone online as yet.
If you click on Scandinavian Anzacs on the right hand side it takes quite a while to load but 293 names of Finnish born people show. You can also search by each letter of the alphabet or by a site search on a name/place eg. St Petersburg.
Click on the name and a sheet of information about the person appears, abbreviations and symbols are all explained and links to more information are available at your fingertips.

I hope the site is of some help to other members finding the more elusive family members.