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15-06-05, 07:55
What does Tiffany's have in common with Finland?

New York Magazine once referred to Walter Hoving as New York City’s “unofficial commissioner of good taste,” a fitting title for the man who headed Tiffany & Company for twenty-five years. Hoving bought the controlling stake in Tiffany’s in 1955 and was its chief executive until 1980, bringing sales from $7 million to $100 million over that time. Under his direction, Tiffany’s Christmas window displays held extraordinary jewlery. Walter is descended from a family in Viborg.

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21-11-05, 18:37
Walter Hoving

His reputation as a philanthropist is also well-known, his having
established, in up-state New York, a home for "troubled" young women, spreading a quiet but effective reputation here in the United States. Kudos abound for Walter Hoving as found in the many websites citing his many outreaches.