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LoriAnn Pawlik
15-06-05, 18:04
Hello everyone,
I have some ancestry of Greta Lovisa, but I have a question regarding her everyday life. She lived in Kovjoki (as did her parents- on the Finne farm in Nykarleby. She had 3 known children: Amanda, Jakob & Erika. None of these children have a father listed in the Church record. Jakob took the name Dalvik/Dahlvik when he landed in the US - I could not find the Finnish Immigrant record for him & I thought that I searched well.

1. Does anyone know why children would be listed in the Church record if they were illegitimate? Or did the Church just keep a record of everyone born?

2. How did a person go about choosing their last name?

Thanks for any help,
Lori Pawlik :)

LoriAnn Pawlik
16-06-05, 19:08
Hi everyone,
I understand that the Church kept vital records of everything - but not necessarily listing father's of illegitimate children. That is GREAT to have some info, though!

I also understand that the family name could have been taken from the farm the person lived on, or perhaps, they just liked the name.

So, I'm down to how to find an emigration record (leaving Finland) of this person (Greta Lovisa's son):

Jakob Gretasson Dahlvik

born 17 Mar. 1868
Finne, Kovjoki, Nykarleby, Vaasa, Finland
immigrated to New York, Ellis Island:
First Name: Jakob
Last Name: Dalvik
Ethnicity: Finland
Last Place of Residence: Finland
Date of Arrival: July 27, 1892
Age at Arrival: 24y Gender: M Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: City of Paris
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0338
He traveled with Anders Lukus. Both are headed to Colorado with one piece of luggage.

Can anyone please help me?
Thank you,
Lori :)

Karen Norwillo
16-06-05, 21:35
I found Jacob and Hannah Dahlvik on the 1900 and 1910 census.

1900 for Hiawatha, Schoolcraft, MI shows Dahlvick, Jacob, head, born Mar 1868, age 32, married 7 yrs, from Finland, here 6 yrs, laborer saw mill
Dahlvick, Hannah, wife, born July 1868, 31, Finland, here 1yr.

1910 for Doyle Twsp. Schoolcraft, MI shows Dahlvik, Jacob, 42, married 17 yrs, Russia Finland, US 1891, naturalized, farmer
Hannah is 41. There is also an Anna Dahlvik, listed as niece, age 18, single. There are no children shown on either census.

I could not find them on the 1920 or 1930 census. I tried all different spellings.

LoriAnn Pawlik
16-06-05, 22:16
Hi Karen,
Thanks - I do have all the latest info! I just can't find that emigration (leaving Finland) record... it is a really difficult mystery. Jakob is my Great-Grandfather.
Have a great day,
Lori :confused:

17-06-05, 05:17
found at Swenson 219 = Schoolcraft County, Manistique, Zion Lutheran
Pos Given names Surname Other names Born Parish Em Church

13h Jakob Dahlsvik Mar 17 1868 Nykarleby 1894 219
13w Johanna Mattsdotter Jul 16 1868 Nykarleby 1899 219

These are on the dbase for the county which you can see in the delphi article collection at the top of the page. When you get there, write granskare into the search box and then scroll down to the county name. The names here are only of Finnish born and do not include American born children.