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17-06-05, 07:43
Walter Eriksson 1926-93. Recording artist, composer, band leader and accordianist, Walter was best-known for Scandinavian music all around Scandinavia and North America. He was knighted by the kings of Norway and Sweden.

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18-06-07, 19:51
Not only did I have the pleasure of dancing to Walter Eriksson's music on many occasions, especially at the annual Närpesfest celebrations and at the Mannhem Club in the Bronx, but I also appeared on Hans Berggren's "Scandinavian Echos" brodacast on WEVD in New York, the only radio station named for a prominent Socialist candidate for the U.S. presidency, Eugene V. Debs. I was interviewed as a visitor to the station, not as a performer (at the time, I sometimes performed with my father Arvid Backlund, who was a fiddler). On at least one occasion, I did perform with Walter Eriksson, although it was "accidental." He was an astounding musician.