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Dolores Luczak
17-06-05, 15:41
My Great Grandmothers name was Hilja Marie Salminen, she was born March1889 I believe in Tampere Finland. She came to the U.S in 1906 I also believe a sister moved here too. Anna and Married John Kivila.

Hilija married Walter Elomaa, divorced. had two children Kettue and Onni.

I believe her fathers name is Toivo.

They first lived in Gwinn, Carlsend area, than later to Marquette Michigan.

Any information would be appreciated.

Tarmo may be a brothere name in Finland, and Joshiphina Willihimena.

Dolores Luczak

17-06-05, 16:57
Hi Dolores,
I live in Tampere myself and could check this family for you. I am, however, away from home for the next few weeks but if you can´t find your information earlier, you can contact me in late July.


18-06-05, 19:25
If you are close enough, you can go to Gwinn and see the membership books and book of ministerial acts. Even if your rellys were not members, you can check baptismal records, confirmation lists, funerals, etc and maybe find somebody. Too bad you weren't looking for Arvid Kenttä because he and his family are listed just beneath my Kalle Kujansuu in the old book.

Rev Kauppi was very kind to find names for me and so I drove up to see the books and do some tourist stuff. Her secretary was just grand!

I also visited the Finnish archives at Hancock but those films are not good - I was warned about that by the archivist but still had to see what was so bad - I was not prepared for baaad :)
danakau at ironbay.net The email address for Grace Lutheran's Pastor Kauppi.


Karen Norwillo
19-06-05, 00:16
I found them on the 1910 Census in Leidig Twsp, St Louis, MN

Walter Eloma, age 26, married 3 yrs. Finland, works in a foundry
Hilja Eloma, age 23, Finland, 1 child. Child not listed by name. May have been less then 1 yr old and not counted.

I could not find them on the next Census, but maybe they were divorced by then. I couldn't find any info on Kettu or Onni.

Dolores Luczak
19-06-05, 01:49
I believe that Walter or Walto and Hilja were divorced before he left from Finland.

I was told he went to Hibbing Minn. only info I have on Walto is that he died in 1965.


Dolores Luczak
19-08-05, 14:46
I am looking for my GGrandmothers family in Finland, believe they lived in Tempere, I know Joshphina Willhimina Lindroos is also a family name. Also Ilja Salminen.

Any information will be greatful.