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19-06-05, 01:15
Hello everyone!

My name is Mathias Back and I live in Grängesberg/Ludvika, Dalarna in Sweden. I live in a house in the middle of the forest with my family. The family mainly is the animals and they'll always in the center. Their way or no way :).

I work with computer support over telephone and computers is one of my spare time doings. Before this I was working as a web developer making web applications. I still do some projects of my own but not as a living for now.
I love music and I play the guitar. Used to play in a band but these days it is hard to find the time and persons to do this with.

I newly started trying to find my roots but for many years ago I was with my father who had interest trying to search on family genealogy. Just before he passed away my interest started to grow. My father was born in Vörå outside Wasa and moved to Sweden when he was 17.

Just type a line to me, any question or just anything is more than welcome.

June Pelo
19-06-05, 01:59

Welcome to Finlander Forum. Why don't you post something about your family from Vörå - there may be members who can help you with your search. Some names and dates are a good way to start. There are a lot of helpful people in this Forum.


Karen Norwillo
19-06-05, 03:14
Welcome, Mathias. My aunt Jenny Linnea Fernqvist was born in Grängesberg, Dalarna. My grandmother and her first husband were there at the time recruiting men to move to Michigan to work in the iron mines. Karl Johan (Charlie) Fernqvist died in a mine accident shortly after they returned to Michigan in 1903. My grandmother was raised in Vörå. Karen

19-06-05, 10:50
Hej Back Mathias!
Now you came to the right place!
Vad hette dina förfäder i Vörå?
from Vörå

20-06-05, 15:14
My grandfather was Johannes Verner Back(b:1909-12-30 d:1984-01-04) and grandmother Linnea Back(b: 1914-11-17 d: 1987-04-09) dont have the right birth surename at the time but her gen-line is well documented. My uncle lives in Vörå and aunt lives in Vasa.
Met them this week but before that it was a long time we had any contact.

Hey Karen. Well Grängesberg aint big but famus for mining(not active these days) and for Spendrups beer :).
Moved here about 3 years ago. Really nice small place.