View Full Version : Karling ancestors

Karen Mattson
21-06-05, 19:03
Here I am again. Visiting the various genealogy sites again for the who knows how many times, I found my grandfather Abraham Karling and Helena Rusanens wedding date with parents of course listed. I didn't find my grandfather under Karling but Kaarling and under Appo. He went by Aapo and sometimes Kaarling, so this was a new addition. According to research conducted by a kind lady in Finland who sent me the info that his mother was Briita Lipponen Falt. Today I found her listed as Briita Valti. Which one is correct? It was the Family Search site that listed her as Valti. Then, I found a Johannes Kaarlonpoika Kaarling who left for America two months after my grandfather. My grandfather was from Rantsila and this Kaarling was from Ii. I then found him in the Polk's directory in Hancock living with my grandfather's brother so I assume that they were relatives. This Kaarling was never mentioned in my family so as usual, I am curious to find out about him. Any suggestions? Thanks again, Karen Mattson from a very hot Rome Italy